What is a “muffin top?”

I won’t really eat a whole muffin, just the muffin top. Even before those fancy shmancy “muffin top molds” came out (you know, the kind that enable someone to JUST make muffin tops), I would twist off the top of a muffin and then…toss the cup part of the muffin aside.
Who wants to eat the chewy non-browned bottom of a muffin when you can eat the caramelized, browned, crunchy muffin top?

I love those kinds of muffin tops.

I’m also trying to learn to like MY muffin top. You know, when your belly bulges/hangs over the tops of your jeans/pants. When I’m wearing a snug pair of jeans and eat a big meal, I’ll get a muffin top. I used to have a permanent muffin top, so this is progress.

I like that calling my belly fat a “muffin top” makes the whole thing cuter and more delicious to me.

So this blog is an homage to muffin tops–the literal kind, and the figurative kind. This blog is about food and eating. Muffin tops, muffin tops!

and just so you know, here is the backstory to the blog’s name:

I wore my skinny jeans today, a pair of Blue Cult jeans I purchased a year ago with great optimism. I could BARELY get my legs into them, and I could NOT button them up, but they were $25 (down from $200) at a discount store. “What the hell,” I thought, “This might be a good gamble.”

It paid off today. They were snug, but they fit!

But then after lunch (a wonderful meal of Vietnamese food), I had a MAJOR muffin top. My stomach was pudging over the waistband. Thank goodness I wore a loose blouse.

“I have a muffin top!” I shrieked in the office.


“A muffin top!”

One of my coworkers started laughing. “That is the cutest thing ever!” he said. “A muffin top!?”

And then, at that very moment, I announced, “That would be an AWESOME name for a blog!”

And so, this blog was born.

5 responses to “What is a “muffin top?”

  1. Muffin top is a GREAT name for a blog. And you looked great in your jeans!

  2. I love it–the name, the blog, and actual crunchy muffin tops. I bet you looked great, but I am glad you’re officially food blogging (as opposed to the unofficial food blogging you were doing before:-).

    And Melanie too, fantastic!

  3. You have got me totally laughing my head off. Great blog. You rock!

  4. I wanna join in the fun too!!!!

  5. Eric, I’m making you an account right now!–>

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