Cooking with Available Ingredients

overstuffed freezer
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I wanted to make chicken adobo this week. I am generally a fan of chicken adobo, but last week Melanie gave me her mother’s adobo recipe, and it’s been burning a hole in my email spool (if that’s possible, I know it’s not). A precious family recipe! I wanted to check it out. And wouldn’t it just be fun for the Korean blogger here to continue posts about Filipino food? Bibingka and now adobo!

I foraged through my fridge to see if I had any chicken in there. All I found were skinless chicken breast fillets (oh, my husband loves chicken schnitzel so I make sure we have a buffer supply). Nothing with skin on it. You gotta have chicken skin in adobo.

For a split second I pondered going to store to buy a whole chicken. And then i tried to CLOSE MY FREEZER DOOR. Now THAT was a catastrophic event. Blocks of frozen ground beef toppled perilously close to my bare feet, and the lychee ice cream container popped onto the floor, and the big package of short ribs wedged itself against the top of the freezer compartment.

My freezer was full. Overstuffed. Apparently, I like to buy lots of frozen goods, and not eat them.

What the heck was in there? Was there anything I could throw away? I found a half empty box of frozen paw treats for dogs. Woo! Guess what? Scarlet and Ziggy got some frozen treats today. I tried closing the freezer door again. No way, still.

What else was in there? A beef brisket, osso bucco, at least ten steaks (six of them courtesy of my mom and dad who brought them up with they visited us earlier this month), several packages of ground beef (overcompensating for all those times I needed ground beef but didn’t have any so I had to drive to the store last minute for ground beef and i so hated doing that), turkey bacon….what the heck? I’m the meat packrat!

So chicken adobo’s on hold. I’ve got to cook all this meat in the freezer. You know what you’re going to be reading from me over the next few weeks! “Beef, it’s what’s going to be for dinner.”

6 responses to “Cooking with Available Ingredients

  1. I love chicken adobo too, but the recipe I made it with turned out to be a real disaster. Didn’t like it one little bit.

    An old Filipino friend I have lost track of used to make this twice cooked fish dish where the fish was removed from its skin, mixed with a bunch of other ingredients including raisins and placed carefully back into its skin for a second cooking. Now THAT is a recipe I’d kill for….

  2. What’s up? I *just* made it for dinner over the weekend. Delish! Snap a pic when you’re done with your masterpiece!

  3. arilyne…are you saying you made adobo?! πŸ™‚
    i’m down with…lethargy today, so I’m not sure what dinner will be, but I’m pretty sure I’ll actually be cooking this weekend,, so stay tuned.

  4. oh darn, I thought you were going to say you made adobo with the short ribs! try it next time. it’s good cooked adobo style too, just cook it a little longer. Of course chicken adobo is still the best πŸ™‚
    I’ll look forward to your adobo post.

  5. You are so on the same wavelength, JMom! I mentioned this surplus-meat situation to Melanie, and she said, “Dude, you can adobo meat.” (I love how “adobo” can be a verb, too).

    Beef adobo!

    Stay tuned–I’ve been busy these days so I haven’t had time to cook much, or blog about the stuff I’ve been eating at restaurants….but I’ll caught up.

    And Beef Adobo is in the picture.

  6. ha! yes, adobo is totally a verb, too.

    JMom, the short ribs sound divine. I think I had short ribs in adobo once, MMMM.

    Christine, yeah, just cook until it’s falling off the bone. And then I’ll come over to taste test. πŸ™‚

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