RCE Book Club: Updates!!

For everyone who is wondering how the bookclub is coming (and its far enough down the list that its gonna drop off soon), here is a link to who is doing what, which recipes have yet to be spoken for – and best of all, the shortlist for September’s selection!

4 responses to “RCE Book Club: Updates!!

  1. Eric- my book has not arrived yet. What is our deadline for cooking these things?

  2. Hey Susan, seeing as this is actually the book for August there is plenty of time! Don’t fret, I haven’t actually gotten my copy yet either!

  3. and guess what? we’re not alone in doing something like this–check out this post on slashfood profiling a blog who did something similar.

    btw, i have all my ingredients ready for the aushak! it’s imminent. 🙂

    and so are the gougeres.

    NOW–if only you could come over and eat them, Eric!

  4. good post – filled my coffee break

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