food photography tips

I’m not an accomplished food photographer by any means–just an amateur who would prefer to improve her shots and do justice to the beauty of food. I have an obsession with documenting my life, and that includes a desire to remember beautiful meals. I certainly do not want to recall a remarkable dessert , only to view a picture of it washed out by the flash of a lightbulb, for instance.

But even though I try to be careful and thoughtful in how I frame my food shots, I don’t feel qualified to share tips. I have, however, come across some great tips from:

Heidi at 101 Cookbooks on the technical aspects of food photography. Number one tip: DO NOT USE FLASH (I agree).


maki at “i was just really hungry” on taking pictures in restaurants, a very tricky locale indeed. I myself have come out of Michael Mina with only the disappointing shadows of his “trio” plates on my digital camera.

Enjoy the tips.

5 responses to “food photography tips

  1. i love all the colors in that picture…

  2. Flash really is the enemy of food photography. Sadly, the lighting in my place is so not conducive to good food shots, thus I really have no choice. Perhaps when we someday move to another lightfilled condo I’ll have more improved shots (or buy a better DSLR! 🙂

  3. Yes! And I just realized one of the reasons Paula Deen’s magazine comes off so weird to me…almost all the pictures in that magazine are taken with FLASH.

  4. You could totally be a professional food photographer; you do such a beautiful job with everything you shoot. You have a real talent!

  5. i found another wonderful site with great food photography tips: Benjamin Christie

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