RCE Book Club Updates & Sept/Oct Selections!

I’ve posted an update to the ReadCookEat Book Club over here… This includes our selections for both September AND October (don’t forget, August is nearly here and its almost time to start talking about Garlic and Sapphires!) with LOTS of time to get the books ahead of time!

6 responses to “RCE Book Club Updates & Sept/Oct Selections!

  1. very cool! please excuse me if i fall behind a bit–next month, school starts for me, and life is going to be crazy for me until i adjust to the new schedule!

  2. Don’t you worry my dear, I’m sure you’ll find a way to get ahead of the game (like reading The Nasty Bits in August! 😉

  3. ack! I got my copy from the library this weekend…will try and hammer out before the end of the week!

  4. Don’t worry Melanie, we’ve PLENTY of time! I won’t post all of them at once so take your time and enjoy the reading!

  5. …and I just picked up “heat”–it looks like a GREAT read!

  6. I actually just picked up Heat yesterday myself! I was going to buy it online but found that it was on sale for the same price at my local store. Can’t wait to dive in and start reading!!

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