(sour) lemon sorrel soup

lemon sorrel soup

Ever since tea and cookies mentioned the lemon sorrel soup she made for her mother back during the rains of March, I’ve been meaning to try and make some for myself.

I love lemon and have, in the last few years, developed a liking for sour flavors. That, and I like soup a lot. That, and I like soups with greens in them. But sorrel is not too commonly sold in stores, and I shelved the soup for a future date.

When I went to the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market last week, I made a few pleasant discoveries, not the least of which were some brilliant swiss chard and…sorrel!

swiss chard at the SF Ferry Building Farmer's Market

I made a few adaptations to tea’s original sour lemon and sorrel soup recipe. I added swiss chard early, to the sauteed onions…and I added rice along with the chicken broth (I substituted the vegetable broth for chicken broth) for a heartier soup (I really like rice in soups). I also left out mushrooms, simply because I didn’t have any on hand. I garnished my bowl of soup with a small dollop of creme fraiche (just because I like creme fraiche). The creme fraiche gave the soup an even tangier edge.

This makes for a very sour, unique soup. If you like lemons and sour flavors, you will really devour this soup. On a cold and foggy day (and there are many mornings like that in the San Francisco bay area in summertime), this is such a pleasure to eat. Thanks, Tea!

lemon sorrel soup

6 responses to “(sour) lemon sorrel soup

  1. If you want to try an alternative recipe any time, I can’t recommend this one enough. I even got a commited carniverous vegetable-hater to consume it with fervour.

    Not exactly diet friendly though.

  2. okay, all the recipes you post are ridiculously good. I’m drooling for Korean soup of any kind now.

  3. looks like spectacular comfort food…mmmm

  4. I love sorrel. Sometimes, I throw it in the blender when I’m making vichysoisse. You can find it at Monterey Market and Berkeley Bowl.

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed the soup! The original recipe actually uses chicken stock (I changed it for my mom, who is a vegetarian). And just let me know if you ever want more sorrel. I’ve got four sorrel plants in the garden that grow like weeds at this point. I’d be happy to pick you some.

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