RCE: Garlic & Sapphires: Chocolate Cake!

Hi everyone! Kt has sent me her review of Reichl’s Chocolate Cake – and a few really cool tidbits about her food experiences that are totally worth reading (and remembering that we don’t all live in a major metropolitan area that delivers the world to our doorsteps). Read all about it here!

2 responses to “RCE: Garlic & Sapphires: Chocolate Cake!

  1. E!!!

    Ack! August came and went too fast! We just moved and were mired in boxes for weeks…largely due to the fact that we had no fridge. Now, subZ intact, I will be trying out the Potatoes and Chicken this coming weekend. I will post asap!


  2. Hi Arilyne! Don’t you fret about it taking longer than expected – I’ll still happily post your results when you’ve had a chance to cook – until then, breathe! Moving is hard work! (though not too hard if you’ve got a subz! 🙂

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