Read. Cook. Apologize.

I must post this swiftly and regrettfully, with most of those regrets to Eric. Last night, the last day of August, I attempted to make the hash browns from Garlic and Sapphires. They were abysmal. I don’t know how a person could f**k up freaking hash browns, but I managed to achieve this quite easily with a spare list of ingredients (8 new potatoes, an onion, salt, pepper, butter). I think I didn’t boil them long enough. I think I used too much potato. I think I need to stick to what I’m good at, which is deep frying and pressing the button on a rice cooker.

Anyway, my bf thought they were good, although they needed more salt he said, and then he said they were like really good baked potatoes in a cake form, and then he said I’m going to put some salt and butter on these ok? And then he was throwing slabs of Plugra on it like frosting. Holy shit is it that bad, I said. And then he said, no! They’re great!, but with a mouthful of the sort-of hash browns, so it was more like Mfno, fey’re gwate! We ate them all, so they were tasty overall, but believe me – they weren’t pretty.

So no picture for now. Sorry, Eric! I’ve failed the RCE club, and think I may be forced to renounce my membership.

If the two shots on Marcus’ cameraphone end up being not so horrific, I’ll post them later…but if I don’t, just imagine the Texas Chain Saw Massacre — with potatoes.

2 responses to “Read. Cook. Apologize.

  1. I think Reichl’s recipes are not tested very well, so dont be so hard on yourself! Remember my gougeres? They were abysmal too! Don’t give up on hashbrowns!

    Also, hashbrowns (if they’re anything like latkes, which are potato pancakes), are quite tricky to make–which is why I hold them up so high as an indicator of good breakfast joints! 🙂

  2. I’m totally with Christine on this one – most of these recipes don’t seem to have been tested at all so don’t needlessly blame yourself for something that didn’t turn out quite right.

    I really do like hashbrowns too – perhaps my new mission (in honour of this so-called recipe) will be to find a foolproof hashbrown recipe – any volunteers for recipe testers? 🙂

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