Foodie Gossip!

There is a very juicy article about Chez Panisse in this month’s Vanity Fair.  Just so you don’t have to flip to the Baby Suri photo spread, I’m posting a link to it here.

2 responses to “Foodie Gossip!

  1. I’m glad you posted the link! I read it this weekend, and got a view that of Chez Panisse that I had not yet discovered. Of course, there is a process and a journey and bruised relationships behind every success story, and Chez Panisse Restaurant is no exception…but the picture that is painted today is very innocent and idealistic, and to get a much raw portrait of how things came to be (Waters’ seeming naivete, Towers’ massive ego and their volatile relationship) was really enlightening.

  2. I knew that there was bad blood between Tower and Waters. Waters, for the most part, has kept mum on the topic, but Tower (rather crassly, in my opinion) seemed to relish publicizing all the drama. Not long ago, he published a book, “California Dish,” about working at Chez Panisse and Stars. I wasn’t too keen on reading it, as I knew it was only one side of the story. I’m glad this article presented a less biased view.

    Waters works really hard to cultivate that wholesome, earth mother hippie image, and it used to annoy me (especially that hat and the basket) until I met her, at the Gap, of all places, and she was really nice and down to earth. Vanity Fair doesn’t mention it, but her real passion today is to spread the Edible Schoolyard (an amazing, albeit highly idealistic program, which falls right in line with her personality) to children everywhere, and I think that her image is a way to promote it. Word on the scene is that she’s a class act, doesn’t accept perks and pays her vendors in full and on time (which is probably why Chez Panisse doesn’t turn much of a profit). Tower, on the other hand, is an egomaniac who ran Stars into the ground, then took off for the Phillipines when the creditors came knocking.

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