Ici opened on Labor day weekend.  So far, i have sampled both ice creams cakes (two are available – one with fruit flavors and one with chocolate flavors), the ice cream sandwiches and the coffee bonbons.  All are quite delicious.  The bonbons don’t look it, but carry quite a strong coffee punch, so be warned.  And I found the current (flavors change depending on what’s in season) fruit ice cream cake to be a revelation.  The base is vanilla chiffon, then it’s layered with strawberry ice cream, blackberry sorbet and creme fraiche ice cream.  It’s like three layers of tanginess, but each with its own complexities.  I’d never had anything like the creme fraiche ice cream… I suppose the mascarpone sorbet I’d made some time ago, or Christine’s buttermilk ice cream would be similar, but it managed to be milky, tangy and nutty at the same time.  De-lish.  Go check it out soon, but get there before I do, or there won’t be anything left! 

6 responses to “Finally!

  1. *squeal!* they ARE open?! i saw the SF Gate announcement and couldn’t believe it…they were supposed to be open in early august, then they had to change the sign on the window to say late august, then it still looked closed even after labor day weekend.

    i’m VERY excited. i am so there!

  2. I know! I kept driving by and seeing the “open in early august” sign and thinking “Hey! What gives??? Today’s August 15…16…17” No, I’m not an ice cream parlor stalker. Um. Yeah. But they did open on Labor Day weekend (they’re closed on Mondays) . I haven’t gotten to trying the scoops yet, but there is a fig ice cream I’m dying to try.

  3. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just did a MAJOR tasting? I’d bring my camera, we’ll order a dozen flavors, take a bite of each? Mrmmmm

  4. I want to go, too!! Major tasting – yes!!!

  5. a muffin top field trip!

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