spinach crisis hits home

Zachary's stuffed pizza

The spinach crisis is a sad thing. It is an indicator of the sad and unsanitary working conditions of farm workers. It is sad thing for so many spinach farms that have had to pull their crops and suffer great losses, a sad thing for vegetarians who rely on spinach in their diet as a main source of calcium and other nutrients. A sad thing for restaurants that have pulled spinach off their menus.

But–it has not been too sad for me. You see, I am not a spinach fan. I have not really missed it, not even in the fom of creamed spinach.

Tonight, the spinach crisis hit home. I went to Zachary’s pizza and there it was, a sign that said, “We will not be offering our Spinach and Mushroom pizza until further notice.” Zachary’s spinach and mushroom stuffed pizza is their signature dish, a pizza beyond compare. What would I order in lieu of my usual spinach and mushroom? I opted for a concoction of mushroom and artichoke hearts.

Come back, spinach!

One response to “spinach crisis hits home

  1. Oh, nooooo. THAT is a true crisis!!!!!

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