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potato leek soup

potato leek soup, originally uploaded by c(h)ristine.

When the nighttime temperature dips and the sun sets early in the evening, it’s time to break out the sweaters, jackets, winter blankets, and cook some soup. For me, soup is the ultimate comfort food: simple, filling, and even better when eaten the next day as leftovers. I also like the concept of one-pot meals too.

I was wondering what to do for dinner last week–I was home alone, and pondering the notion of just skipping dinner. But I did not feel like skipping dinner, and I did not feel like anything cold, and I did not feel like making a series of snacks for dinner, and I did not feel like making something elaborate, either. It was dinner for one on a chilly night.

I kept opening the refrigerator, taking inventory as usual, mixing up the ingredients in my head. Among the carrots and onions and tofu and various other ingredients, there were leeks and potatoes–could I make a minestrone soup? For some reason, I was not in a tomato-mood. I pondered making a Korean soup, but I wanted something heartier: I would make potato leek soup.

Usually, I must profess, when it comes to these sorts of soups, I skip the pureeing step. Just too lazy, and I figure: doesn’t it just all taste the same in the mouth? (I know that texture plays a HUGE role in taste, but my laziness made me answer, “Right, it’s all the same ingredients.”) But once I got cooking, I was filled with an enthusiasm for my “dinner for one.” Why NOT go all the way? It has been one of my personal challenges to cook myself satisfying and elegant “dinners for one.” I would puree the damn thing and make a beautiful potato leek soup.

I did.

The steps are very easy–I caught up with “Grey’s Anatomy” on my TiVO as the leeks and potatoes browned, then simmered. I pushed pause to puree the broth and softened vegetables, and I settled onto the couch with a tasty and comforting bowl of soup to watch the end of the episode.

There are many potato leek soup recipes out there–many of them involve cream and can get quite heavy. I made a very light version of this soup, choosing to garnish it with a small dollop of light sour cream. (You can also omit the sour cream, too–it tastes yummy both ways).

On another note: my hubby came home right after I’d finished my bowl and asked, “What is the yummy smell?” He eagerly had a bowl of this soup, too. There was barely any leftover, though this soup tastes quite good the next day as well.

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