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Persian raisin cookies

Persian raisin cookies, originally uploaded by c(h)ristine.

I often bring goodies to the office–it’s my way of getting yaya’s out and baking, while not consuming all those calories (of course I keep a few for myself)! I mean, there is just no dessert or cookie recipe out there “for one” (or two or three or four). It’s quite difficult, especially with cookies, to pare down those recipes to a few cookies, too.

A couple weeks ago I went to Elat Market in Los Angeles and bought my usual stash of really thick good pita, a big bag of delicious Persian nougat, and various Persian cookies. I fell in love with the raisin cookies that I bought, and got a real hankering to make more Persian food at home (where oh where can I find a recipe for Persian nougat, the kind that is soft and perfumed with rosewater?).

So when my new Persian cookbook called New Food of Life by Najmieh Batmanglij arrived, I immediately thumbed through it looking for my favorite dishes.

It just so happens that a couple employees who usually work remotely are visiting the office–these same employees usually miss out on the homemade treats I bring into the office. So I decided to make some raisin cookies.

Though I love chocolate chip cookies, these are a welcome break from the usual. These cookies are very crisp and buttery–and the raisins are an unexpected yet very welcome texture. I used currants, which I like even better than normal raisins in these cookies. The ingredient list is very short and the cookies are easy to make, using very familiar ingredients in a Western pantry. The key to making these crisp cookies is melting the butter beforehand–it makes a very goopy cookie dough so you will get your fingers a bit messy when you drop the teaspoons onto the cookie sheet.

Persian raisin batter

The book says the recipe makes 90 cookies–I halved the recipe and ended up with about 50 cookies.

Recipe follows after the jump…

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