A foodie’s guilty secrets

We all have ’em. C’mon. What are yours? Here’s mine:

1. I like easy cheese. The extra sharp cheddar flavor. Although I haven’t purchased a can for some time, I’ll actually squirt some on my fingers and lick it off.

2. The reason why I haven’t purchased a can of Easy Cheese is because I discovered a slightly more refined alternative: Kaukauna cheese spread. Port Wine flavor. I usually buy the kind that comes in a tub. Though I actually like the nut-covered balls and logs more, the tub keeps better.

3. I can’t deep fry. I never get the temperature right, I wind up making a huge mess in the kitchen, I don’t like the idea of keeping used oil around and the hot oil terrifies me. (the molten sugar incident didn’t help)

4. I’ve never made my own bread. I’ve made my own pizza dough, I’ve made my own pasta dough and I consider myself somewhat of an expert on pastry doughs (puff pastry, pie crust, cream puffs, etc.), but I haven’t made any other yeasted doughs.

5. I use (gasp) canned soup stock. Sure, if I roasted a chicken or if I have a bunch of veggie trimmings, I’ll make it, but since I’m only cooking for two and I work full time, I don’t have enough time or chicken carcasses lying around to make it constantly.

4 responses to “A foodie’s guilty secrets

  1. Oh man. I love Kaukana cheese spread. On Wheat Thins.

    And I think homemade poultry soup stock is disgusting. Canned all the way.

  2. I am “guilty” of #4 and #5 (Swanson’s natural goodness is GREAT! I often make my own stock and freeze it in little ziploc bags, but I don’t regularly make stock).

    Here is my list though:
    1. When I don’t have fresh lemons, I often reach for the pre-squeezed bottle lemon juice.

    2. I often make brownies from the box (Ghirardelli’s double chocolate brownie mix), even though I have a killer “from-scratch” brownie recipe. Same with chocolate chip cookies–even though I know it’s totally easy to make them from scratch, I often bake the pre-made dough.

    3. I freaking LOVE ketchup. I put it on my fried eggs and scrambled eggs. And even, when feeling particularly self-indulgent, on my baked potato. That used to disgust my mother-in-law

    4. Ahem. When I make my chicken soup with matzo balls…I ahem….add a little cube of telma chicken bouillon at the end. I don’t add bouillon to anything else, I swear!

    5. I used to be afraid of canning. But I overcame that fear and had lots of fun making jam this summer. What else am I afraid of? Like Connie, I am intimidated by baking bread. But just to make myself come up with something new (my rule, not hers)…I’ll say I’m intimidated by pastry (have yet to make my own puff pastry, and of course there was those choux paste gloopy gougeres).

  3. 1. The worst first. After two months of packing 2 lunches a day, every weekday, I gave up. My older kid wasn’t eating a stick out of his bag lunch, because he wanted to eat a school lunch. So I decided to let them eat the public school lunch. On the first day, older son happily consumed a public school PBJ, a pear, and some carrot sticks. Exactly what I would have packed (except our PB is fresh ground, the bread is whole wheat, and the produce organic).

    2. I put bouillon cubes in pinto beans. A Brazilian friend taught me her recipe, which includes bouillon cubes.

    3. boxed chicken stock? Sure!

    4. I snack on the kids’ lunch treats late at night. No wonder I can’t lose those extra pounds. Another reason why I’m glad we’ve given up on packing lunches.

    5. My secret diet plan for health and happiness as a writing mom is to cook boring food. Then we won’t eat so much. Certainly won’t take up so much time. Today’s boring food: lentil soup, again.

  4. oh! i almost forgot! another foodie guilty secret: i have never roasted a turkey. my husband roasts the thanksgiving turkey.

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