Unexpected Egg Pizza

An experiment: fried egg pizza, originally uploaded by c(h)ristine.

We went to Gioia’s pizza in Berkeley for a slice of pizza. There really is no better New York Style pizza in the near East Bay (or maybe the entire San Francisco Bay Area) than the crispy thin pies at Gioia’s Pizzeria in North Berkeley. They even, most days, have one pizza topping option that would satisfy the “California pizza” lovers out here (like asparagus). But my favorites are the more traditional cheese, and anchovy pizzas.

I ordered my usual slice of New York style cheese pizza and then spotted this thing waaay behind, in the back. “What is that? Is that an experiment?” It looked like a pizza slice with a fried egg on top of it. The employees smiled. “Nope, not an experiment, it’s just someone who’s crazy around here.” They pointed to the guy who was busy making pizza dough.

Then they gave me the slice. For free. (“Want to try?” they asked. I nodded, because I HAD to try–after all, I also had “cheese bibimbap” when I encountered it on a menu in Tokyo). They refused to take money for it–was that a sign? Was this pizza not worth the price? I said I’d tip them for the courtesy; they heartily accepted.

They stuck the slice in the oven to warm it up, and when it came out the egg that had been “easy over” with a yolk just a millimeter away from running out all over the pizza was considerably cooked. “It’s a little spicy,” they said; they didn’t need to say it, I could smell the spice from inches away. It smelled like salsa–the pizza’s toppings included chilis and ham and onions and tomatoes and a spicy salsa. This, I thought, would be like huevos rancheros on pizza.

It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. But it wasn’t bad.

I later got home and googled “egg pizza”–apparently, this isn’t so uncommon! On flickr itself, a search for egg pizza yielded lots of pictures of delicious looking egg pizza (better than this one I took of my slice–sorry, all I had was a cameraphone!). If you are so inclined, you can also make an egg pizza yourself–The Food Network has an egg pizza recipe in its database. Wowee.

Anyway. Consensus: It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. But it wasn’t bad. Maybe I was really hungry.

9 responses to “Unexpected Egg Pizza

  1. I’m sorry. That looks…awful.

  2. doesn’t ANYONE like ANYTHING i’m posting anymore? 😛 funny: the last 3 things (persian raisin cookies, turkey gumbo, provencal tomato soup) have all gotten a big “Ick!”

    i think they’re all provocative in their own way, i like posting recipes and foods that are a little “different,” like surprising discoveries.

    though yes–the egg on a pizza is my least favorite of all my discoveries.

  3. Oh lord, I want one of those.

    I have a thing for yolky eggs on my food. Croque madames, sushi rolls involving quail egg, bi bim bab when they leave the egg runny, sukiyaki when they give you a raw egg to dip your meat in.

    And Gioia is amazing. I just got back from a week in New York and the one pie I tried out there, which I concede it was on the Upper West Side in a sit-down restaurant rather than a greasy hole in the wall, was inferior to Gioia.

    The Gioia guys are great. Their potato rosemary pie was a nice surprise. Same with pesto. I have not once tried something there and regretted it.

    I think I’d like this if it was yolkier.

  4. No no no no, that’s not true! The turkey gumbo looks amazing. The white chocolate chip cookies? To die for. And the tomato soup looked gorgeous, even though it is not my favorite food combo.

    Your Thanksgiving pictures were also incredibly droolworthy.

  5. mmm, that looks good! i saw alice waters do a pizza with salt cod and egg that looked fabulous.

  6. oh, and the gioia guys do rock. i went there soon after the molten sugar incident, and the owner took one look at me and said, “you a baker?”

  7. Connie’s story reminded me of another time, we went back for seconds and they were out of whatever kind I wanted and it was near closing so the guy gave me two free of something else. They’re just really nice.

  8. yes, they are the BEST–we’ve also gone at the end of the day, noshed on some slices, and then they gave us a few slices for free.

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