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Sub Culture Dining with the Dissident Chef

mysterious dining, originally uploaded by c(h)ristine.

Heads up: Sub Culture Dining is featuring Niman Ranch dinners Feb 23-25, seatings at 8pm

Folks, I finally got my meal from Sub Culture Dining with the Dissident Chef. SubCulture Dining, if you’re hearing about it for the first time here, is an underground dining restaurant with roving meals. Invite only. Not open to the public.

I could write a flowery, lyrical description of the whole night, but the Dissident Chef himself is a straightforward, passionate type, so I’m going to share my thoughts in the vein of “Sub Culture Dining.”

The meal was The Shit:

Sub Culture Dining with the Dissident Chef

p.s. on the pictures: I honored the Dissident Chef’s request that I not take pictures of the location and guests, keeping to the food. Also, the lighting was low (though thankfully not as low as most restaurants–one of my pet peeves is not SEEING my food–if I want to eat in the dark, I will go the Blind Cow Restaurant in Zurich where they actually turn the lights off and you literally eat in the dark, thank you). Oh, what was I saying? The lighting was low, so that presented some photography challenges. I only had my point and shoot, which has limited manual settings–hence, the grainy pictures.

Following the jump is a rundown of things in the following order and categories:



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