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pumpkin rocks

pumpkin rocks, originally uploaded by c(h)ristine.

Despite the name of this cookie, every bite of these very soft and moist “rocks” takes you to a cozy place infused with warm spices and the sweet flavor of pumpkin. If you want something that reminds you of autumn, or want something to do with the remaining Thanksgiving cans of pumpkin in your pantry, or love pumpkin and small bites, these cookies are just really perfect.

You may think I’m on a pumpkin kick. I sort of am (witness my pumpkin muffin recipe from last month). Pumpkin lends a savory edge to desserts, and I welcome that balance this time of year, when I’m staring out the windows of a storm, or bundling up in the cold. While I have an insatiable sweet tooth and am known for my chocolate cravings, sometimes I like a dessert that is less butter and sugar and more…well, savory. (sorry, lack of words there).

pumpkin rocks

These cookies are supposed to be made with a glaze, but I omit the glaze; they are perfect on their own. The other thing I love is that these cookies are super easy to make. (I never make this cookie with chocolate chips, but I list that as an alternative because lots of people love a chocolate and pumpkin pairing–I prefer the raisin pairing). Based on the recipe in the Maida Heatter Book of Great Cookies, I’ve upped the spice content quite a bit to what you see here.

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