Is my food telling me something?

my ramen at Santa Ramen, originally uploaded by c(h)ristine.

First, it was the smiley face hidden in the carrot cake cookie, now it’s a grinning bowl of ramen. It’s not like I see the smiley faces as I take the picture–only a sense of wellbeing and balance as I compose the photograph.

Then, as I sift through the multiple shots, I see it. There. A smiley face!

Is my food trying to tell me something? I think so.

Btw, the above is a bowl of pork flavor, extra spicy, stewed pork ramen with a boiled egg addition from Santa Ramen (yes, I break my ban against pork for this place). I’ve blogged about Santa Ramen before, with a horrible cameraphone shot of my delicious steaming bowl of noodles. I had to go back for another bowl, and for a more decent picture. I’m sorry it took so long (not for you, for my tastebuds!) but we were in luck tonight–a mere ten minute wait! That’s rare! The happy face couldn’t wait to greet me, I guess.

I did check out my husband’s bowl of ramen. No happy face for him:

Ari's ramen at Santa Ramen

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