‘Tis the Season for… Faux Gingerbread Houses!

img_3270.JPGEvery year for the past dozen years, our family has hosted a gingerbread-house making party.  The first year, I had no idea what I was getting into.  My father, in his wheelchair, carefully designed the houses and cut beautiful templates out of cardboard.  I mixed up giant vats of gingerbread cookie dough which took a day to mix and roll out, then cut in the template shapes, bake and put together, with equally giant vats of icing glue.  In years after that, we made smaller houses, shaped around little milk cartons.  Then we came upon the ingenious fake-gingerbread, actually madeimg_3261.JPG with graham crackers.  Genius!  These little beauties can be put together in just a couple of hours. Everyone knows the best part is decorating them, so why waste time on making real gingerbread?  Here is this year’s gingerbread village.

3 responses to “‘Tis the Season for… Faux Gingerbread Houses!

  1. love the looks on those faces…fun!

  2. first of all–great picture. that’s a great moment and it captures the spirit of your gingerbread village.

    secondly–what a fab idea! being the foodie that i am, i always thought gingerbread houses HAD to be all-consuming affairs. to use graham crackers–I keep saying to myself, “DUH! OF COURSE!” and then you get to do the “fun part,” which is to decorate anyhow!

    thanks for sharing this.

  3. We use sugar cubes (the rectangle ones work best) and they make the most gorgeous houses!

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