oh foie gras!

foie gras sign

Michael Bauer has a post up entitled, “Gourmands protest: Eat more foie gras”. As a foie gras lover myself, how could I stay away from such a post? And really, how could I stay away from such a suggestion? I’d be happy to eat more foie gras, as much as my body could handle.

In his article, Bauer has a list of restaurants with enviable foie gras dishes: Circa, Cyrus, Ame, Bushei-Tei, Scott Howard, Village Pub, Myth, Vetri, and Lampreia (in Seattle). Sadly to say, I have not been to any of his suggested foie gras haunts–even though I find Ron Siegel’s foie gras dishes at The Dining Room over the top and Michael Mina’s foie gras trios decadent. And nevermind the places outside of San Francisco!

Course One

But I suppose a foie gras lover always has her special sources. I’ve got a whole lobe in the freezer (yes, I know it’s bad but I got the lobe for a GREAT deal and couldn’t resist purchasing it) waiting for a day of searing (or slumping). In the past, I’ve seared my foie gras.

Foie gras -- before

I guess it’ll be time soon to invite a bunch of friends over for some seared foie gras. After all, despite Bauer’s wishes, one just can’t eat a whole lobe by herself.

One response to “oh foie gras!

  1. barbaracuerden

    I just finished watching chef Dan Barber’s “foie gras” parable on TED. You’d love it, and it might reduce the guilt plus give you a new source for the best and most ethical foie gras where the geese practically donate their livers. check my site http://escapelot.wordpress.com for connections to TED and the foie gras story.

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