Woo! Many of you who know me, know that I am obsessed with germs–and yet, despite my obsession with germs, I still dine out VERY frequently (nearly every meal). Somehow, I have closed my eyes to the fact that my meals are thoroughly handled by other people in potentially questionable environments. Perhaps it’s just part of the whole “letting go of control,” letting other people cook for me, etc., that comes out of dining out.

But of course, true to my obsessive nature, I have hit upon the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s restaurant violations and their score page. (And yes, I am typing the name of almost every restaurant I’ve ever eaten at). I am making my OWN list of restaurants that have had “high risk” violations and crossing them OFF in my mind.

Have fun browsing.

Thank goodness–most of the restaurants I’ve looked up and eaten at are near 100. Um, so far. (But I’ve seen a couple horrific violations).

Here’s Berkeley’s restaurant violations page, not so detailed as San Francisco’s page, and without the famous score.

Update: The San Francisco Chronicle has an article on the new grading system of restaurant public health scores. After writing the above post, I forwarded the site to coworkers, and cut and pasted familiar restaurants to us. My coworkers were interested, searching through frequented venues–in the end, no one really cared unless a score was very low. One person said he didn’t care at all, that he’d anywhere. Brave man!

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