Doug’s BBQ

doug's bbq

People get very religious about their BBQ, and as far as I know, the city of Berkeley is not even located in Texas or Missouri or The South, where I can only imagine people are Religious about their BBQ. Still, BBQ is a beloved food wherever you go–and in Berkeley and Oakland, there are quite a few barbecue places catering to The Craving: Flint’s and Everett & Jones come to most people’s minds. Our friends have recently called Bo’s Barbecue in Lafayette to our attention. They are all worthy barbecue sources.

But my preference? Doug’s BBQ.

My favorite place for BBQ is Doug’s, located on an indiscriminate corner of San Pablo, near the 580 Freeway in Emeryville. It is in such a busy and low key corner that I drove past this barbecue joint for years before stopping in a few years ago.

doug's bbq

The place is as spare inside as it is outside: Doug’s is take out only, there are no places to sit (except maybe on the concrete retaining wall), the inside could use a lot of refurbishing, and the scenery is wholly unglorious (you’re sitting underneath a very busy freeway). But the food’s good. And it’s glorious watching them fetch a slab of ribs or what have you out of the big brick oven inside right before they slather your barbecue in a gorgeous sauce.

Though they are the least popular of all his entrees according to reviews on Yelp, my hubby and I like Doug’s BBQ beef ribs–we’re just beef rib fans, a very rare sort of people. Doug’s brisket–something he’s well known for–is fabulous, too. I like his weird spicy spaghetti, and all his sides. Especially the beans–his beans are to die for.

ari's plate of doug's bbq ribs and sides

Isn’t it fabulous? My belly’s singing happy songs tonight.

Doug’s BBQ
3600 San Pablo Ave
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 655-9048

2 responses to “Doug’s BBQ

  1. Interesting!! I have never heard of Doug’s. Bo’s has been my personal favorite for many years. But now I am intrigued to go check it out.

  2. Susan, you should definitely try it. Sometimes (Saturdays, usually) the line’s incredibly long, but it’s worth the wait.

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