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5 Things (Food) Meme


I’ve been tagged with the 5 things meme from friend of Muffin Top, Tea and Cookies. Since too much info can be found on me here, I thought I’d do the five things meme with a sub-theme about food (and food allergies).

Here it goes:

1. I like to eat creamed textured food when I’m sick. I consume things like liver pate, cream cheese, ice cream, tuna, etc., the other evening I made a traditional chicken liver because it sounded so good.

2. Rice is my comfort food. Unfortunate because I have a generalized type b allergy to rice. (Won’t kill me, but makes me uncomfortable.) When I had my Lasek PRK operation last January and was in incredible pain, all I asked to eat was rice. (Though CW never caved in and gave it to me.) So, if anyone knows a non-starch alternative that is eerily similar to rice…

3. I always prefer to eat red meat. I had a bad experience with Mahi Mahi eight years ago, so now I generally don’t eat cooked fish, but I’ll still eat sushi. I don’t like chicken or turkey meat, but love duck. (This apparently doesn’t extend to chicken liver.)

4. I once went into Anaphylactic Shock. I used to eat loads of starches: pasta, bread, potatoes, carrots, rice, etc… at the same time I had these environmental allergies that I got weekly treatments for. Turns out my food allergies (unknown prior to this incident) are contraindicated with the grass and pollen shots. Apparently allergy shots + scratchy throat you can’t clear + itchiness + heavy pasta diet = Anaphylactic Shock.

My lesson of the day: don’t let your throat close up. A later lesson was that food allergies can more adversely affect the system than environmental allergies, though it really sucks to have both. Now I mostly keep my starch consumption in check and haven’t had another episode.

5. I use half and half. Not actually shocking, but I use it as milk. I pour it over my flax seed and berries in the morning and I mix it with chocolate powder to make chocolate milk. I know, I know, in an era when skim milk is suggested, I’m actually adding more unnecessary fat to my diet. I’d argue that the fat is necessary for the creamy taste that I prefer.

As far as tagging goes, I’ll tag any of the readers who’d like to respond. Put a link in the comments and I’ll check out your five things.

Thank you Tea!

What can I get you?

What alcoholic drink are you? I’m apparently a martini drinker who doesn’t like a flavored martini, even though I’ve professed my love of cosmopolitans, kamikazes, and french martinis here before…

Still, a fun little quiz.

You Are A Martini

You are the kind of drinker who appreciates a nice hard drink.
And for you, only quality alcohol. You don’t waste your time on the cheap stuff.
Obviously, you’re usually found with a martini in your hand. But sometimes you mix it up with a gin and tonic.
And you’d never, ever consider one of those flavored martinis. They’re hardly a drink!

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?