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North Korean Chicken Soup

north korean style chicken soup

I’ve blogged previously about Korean sam gye tang, an herbal, medicinal chicken soup. But tasty as it is, that is not the chicken soup I grew up on. (One of the reasons being that children aren’t always served sam gye tang, as ginseng is supposedly overpowering for children).

I grew up on North Korean chicken soup with “ohn bahn.” Ohn bahn is a spicy chicken mixture that sits, garnish-like, atop clear chicken broth and rice, in a deceptively simple composition. But it is so much more than garnish–it is the heart of this soup’s flavor. It is this spicy chicken that brings the spirit of this chicken soup alive on my tongue, spicy and flavorful, often bringing a vigorous line of sweat to my upper lip as well as endless delight and comfort.

north korean ohn bahn for chicken soup

This particular soup has made me VERY picky about chicken soup. I had not realized how close my heart and tastebuds lie to North Korean food, but apparently that is the food of my heart and childhood, just as it was the food of my mother’s childhood, which started in Pyongyang in North Korea where this dish originates.

And while I grew to make and adore Jewish chicken soup, with fluffy matzo balls (I like “floaters” not “sinkers”), chunks of celery and carrot, garnished with dill…North Korean Soup with Ohn Bahn is THE pinnacle of chicken soup for me. (And it goes without saying that Campbell’s chicken soup has always brought a big frown to my face. Like I said, I am a chicken soup snob).

I thought long and hard before sharing the directions to making the soup here–but why not share what I love with others? I would be thrilled to proliferate a family recipe.

Recipe follows…

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Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry lemonade

I’ve been a huge fan of strawberry lemonade after I tried Odwalla’s version when I visited Santa Cruz in 1991. Ever since then, when I’m at a restaurant that offers strawberry lemonade, I’ll order it. The weekend’s more temperate weather caused a craving. Coupled with the sale on strawberries and lemons at the local market meant it was time for me to make strawberry lemonade.

I knew I wanted a recipe with fresh ingredients only, no concentrates or frozen fruit/ fruit juices – with this parameter in mind, I found the perfect recipe on the internet.

Recipe follows after the jump…
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