Tastespotting Chickens


Recently, I found out that my recent post on North Korean chicken soup with ohn bahn was getting a lot of traffic–where from? The answer: Tastespotting.

A simple click took me to a tantalizing website filled with food/gastroporn–simple and gorgeous pictures of food, with short descriptions and a link back to the featured site. This is a webportal for the appetite! And while browsing a bit, I found that I’m not the only one who loves this site; the venerable food blogger, Chez Pim, loves Tastespotting, too.

Of all the posts up there today–the beautiful cakes and muffins and cookies and noodles and soups and food products, a picture of fresh eggs caught my eye. The caption: “The best way to get fresh eggs? Raise your own chickens. Yes, even if you live in the city!” I clicked.

Because I love chickens. I have always wanted a chicken coop in my yard–and reading about it makes me want chickens even more! Fresh eggs, and new characters, pecking about my yard…and free manure! And pest control! It would drive my dogs nuts, and I’d have to find a way to shield the chickens from vicious predators like raccoons, but how lovely would it be to gather eggs in the mornings?

So much have I fantasized about this prospect–Melanie, another writer here on Muffin Top, and I have even go to the extent of researching different breeds. (“Oh, that one’s PRETTTY! But this one’s more productive! But–blue eggs!”) And we are not alone–my friend, Anne, loves chickens too.

Do I sense a zeitgeist movement of raising chickens in our semi-urban backyards?

I remember visiting my mother and father, who used to live in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Every morning, we’d be awakened by a rooster’s crow. Someone in their neighborhood was keeping chickens and a rooster. “Ah! I like it! Rooster is natural, good alarm clock!” my nature and animal-loving dad would say. I rather liked it, too.

One response to “Tastespotting Chickens

  1. You’re welcome! 🙂 And welcome to the wonderful world of Tastespotting. Hope you continue to enjoy it as much as we do.

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