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Unedited Fridge

Unedited Fridge

Christine here! And that above is my fridge as of 9:00pm this evening.

Sam, over at becks & posh, has asked, “What is in your unedited fridge?” and her question has hit a nerve–everyone’s hopping on that confessional wagon!

It’s exhilarating to see the fridge contents of other foodies–especially UNEDITED fridge contents (no you may NOT neaten or straighten up the items of your fridge). You may notice things I’ve blogged about previously, such as organic maraschino cherries, or hummus .

But generally, it’s one big gorgeous mess! Sadly, there is MUCH more in that fridge than meets the eye. Hidden in the back are treasures like leftovers of galbi jjim as well as plugra clarified butter, organic tahini, homemade limoncello, and bottles of lillet.

My fridge is DEFINITELY not one of those fridges on MTV Cribs, where some celebrity opens up his/her fridge to neat rows of Evian water and Snapple, arranged like Westpoint cadets in marching formation.  Oh, with one bottle of ketchup and oranges or some other generic fruit to “round it out.”  Seriously–I scoff at those fridges.

I didn’t show the freezer–everything’s frostbitten in there, and everything will just fall out onto the floor once I slide out the door anyway. Yes, things like Viccolo’s frozen pizza, frozen Korean mandoo, frozen pita, various meats, and ice creams.

Would love all the other Muffin Top writers to show their unedited fridges in separate posts! You don’t have to, but you wouldn’t mind, would you?


...and schnitzel

For years now, my vision of a great brunch has included chicken schnitzel, pita, hummus, and some great Israeli salad. It originated in my weekend visits to family–the sound (and oh so wonderful smell) of schnitzel (or catfish) frying would ease the entire family out of a preternatural slumber until we all gravitated towards the kitchen and eagerly set the table and sat down, often still in our pajamas, to a brunch that would then be systematically devoured.

Some of us preferred the fried catfish, opening the pita (the thick kind that you can get at specialty stores, not the silly thin kind you get at the grocery stores) and slathering hummus, and spooning the cucumber and tomato salad inside before plopping a thick and crisp piece of fish inside. There. A catfish pita sandwich. Eat. Chew. Swallow. Smile. Repeat.

fried catfish

Others preferred the chicken schnitzel, pounded and breaded and fried and oh so tasty. This, some family members would initially eat with their fingers, plain without bread until their savage desire was satisfied. Then yes, open up the pita bread, slather hummus, spoon salad inside, and then plop a piece of crisp chicken inside. And devour.

chicken schnitzel

I have made my own adjustments to a family recipe–I leave onions out of the salad because well, I am not fond of raw onions…and I add a squirt of spicy Sriracha sauce to the sandwich, which we have come to love in our household. In this way, the recipe has continued to evolve–and in this way, I’ve added my own Asian flavor to a traditional meal.

This is a comfort food in our family, a dish that children are taught before being sent off to college, so simple it is to make, and so satisfactory to the soul.

We have eaten this dish to celebrate homecomings and family gatherings–and we have eaten this dish as a way to nurse hangovers. As with all comfort food, chicken schnitzel, pita and hummus serve so many functions.

I hope it is satisfactory to your soul, too.


Recipes for chicken schnitzel and Israeli-style salad follow after the jump…

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