Unedited Fridge

Unedited Fridge

Christine here! And that above is my fridge as of 9:00pm this evening.

Sam, over at becks & posh, has asked, “What is in your unedited fridge?” and her question has hit a nerve–everyone’s hopping on that confessional wagon!

It’s exhilarating to see the fridge contents of other foodies–especially UNEDITED fridge contents (no you may NOT neaten or straighten up the items of your fridge). You may notice things I’ve blogged about previously, such as organic maraschino cherries, or hummus .

But generally, it’s one big gorgeous mess! Sadly, there is MUCH more in that fridge than meets the eye. Hidden in the back are treasures like leftovers of galbi jjim as well as plugra clarified butter, organic tahini, homemade limoncello, and bottles of lillet.

My fridge is DEFINITELY not one of those fridges on MTV Cribs, where some celebrity opens up his/her fridge to neat rows of Evian water and Snapple, arranged like Westpoint cadets in marching formation.  Oh, with one bottle of ketchup and oranges or some other generic fruit to “round it out.”  Seriously–I scoff at those fridges.

I didn’t show the freezer–everything’s frostbitten in there, and everything will just fall out onto the floor once I slide out the door anyway. Yes, things like Viccolo’s frozen pizza, frozen Korean mandoo, frozen pita, various meats, and ice creams.

Would love all the other Muffin Top writers to show their unedited fridges in separate posts! You don’t have to, but you wouldn’t mind, would you?

8 responses to “Unedited Fridge

  1. This is a scary assignment. Let me think about it.

  2. ooh, I hadn’t seen this meme. I’d love to see more fridges!

  3. Everyone is welcome to participate in the meme!

  4. I like this meme! I’ll upload my fridge soon.

  5. cool! your’s is as packed as mine!

  6. Yay, I’m all for opening up those fridge doors!

    Catherine: I’m so glad you have a packed fridge…I think mine might be the most packed refrigerator here. And there’s only 2 of us (well, these days 3) of us in our household!

    Susan–I understand how you might feel your fridge is part of your privacy, so you’re not at all forced to participate! But I think it would be great to share and give a true “inside look” at our eating lives.

    My friend, another parent, said he would also be mortified to take a picture of his fridge, which he says is just all kids’ foods. I wonder if there is something about parenthood and fridges? Why the Fridge Shame? (No need to answer, just thinking aloud here).

    But all the same, no fridge is beautiful–well, except for those total fake-o MTV Cribs fridges!

  7. Parental Fridge Shame comes because when we are parents, our fridges have stuff that would make nonparents shudder. Lots of ketchup. Lots of takeout leftovers. Hotdogs. A big ugly mess because there is never any time to clean it out. I really hate my refrigerator and everything in it.

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