Unedited Fridge 2

mai's fridge

Mai here. As per C(h)ristine’s directive, here is my unedited fridge as of 2pm today. It has mostly fruit (mangoes, cherries, strawberries, lemons), vegetables (onions, bell peppers), water (still and carbonated), eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, half and half, and cheese (smoked gouda, goat cheese, petit basque and jack).

I put things in “strategic” places, so my boyfriend can see that we have certain items (like the sliced smoked gouda next to the mangoes). If I don’t, he’ll either buy duplicates or it will go bad.

I usually buy items right before I make a meal with the goal of not wasting ingredients or holding too much in the house. This mostly works out. Right now I have everything to make a salmon quiche, but it feels too hot to bake. Maybe tomorrow.

3 responses to “Unedited Fridge 2

  1. ah, I praise you for your courage in showing your unedited fridge! Something about your fridge reminds me of “city dwelling”–buying ingredients, one meal at a time.

    Am I right?

  2. I am getting a total complex looking at these fridges.

  3. @c(h)ristine – totally right. it’s been awhile since i’ve done it any other way.

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