unedited fridge 3

I actually take of sort of sick pleasure in organizing the fridge, but my husband’s been out of town, and we had a Cinco de Mayo fiesta last weekend so I’m rocking a bachelor fridge – booze and condiments! 

Normally, I do all my grocery shopping on Saturdays (farmer’s market, butcher, fishmonger, bakery, etc.) but didn’t go the past three Saturdays.  (I’ve kept some of my greens, especially the herbs, fresh by standing them upright in water in a glass container, loosely covered with the plastic bag they came in.  Trim the stems and change water every few days) However, I constantly tinker with food experiments, hence the fruit pits, the preserved/pickled items, the vodka infusions and the animal fats.  Also, I’m actively trying to clear out my freezer (must. finish. ice-cream!), so many of our meals were defrosted the night before; if I were to open it right now, everything would tumble out, which is why you won’t see a picture of it.  Tonight, I pulled out my wok and scrambled some egg, sauteed some bok choy and onion, and tossed in some frozen peas, leftover roast duck and green onion with a few squirts of soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil to make fried rice.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably take some of that defrosted pasta sauce and adapt that penne pasta dish with red pepper flakes, onion, parsley and salt pork from the Babbo cookbook.  On Thursday, I’ll complete the vichysoisse by adding cream and chopped chives and accompany it with a hunk of bread (um, no croutons) and a salad.

Maybe when I get back into my normal routine, I’ll take another picture.  If you think the contents of my fridge are weird now, wait til you see it when I’m back to “normal”.

8 responses to “unedited fridge 3

  1. All I can say is that there is no way – NO WAY – I am showing you guys my fridge insides. In fact I am totally mortified looking at everyone’s pics.

  2. Connie: Your fridge is delicious! I love that you have your herbs standing upright in water!

  3. your fridge looks really well organized. it would be ‘mama fridge’ in the goldilocks story.

  4. I have this big thing about utilizing proper shelf height (tall things go in the tall shelf; short things go in the short shelf). Since my kitchen is really tiny, I have to maximize on the space that I do have. I always have a bunch of little bits and pieces of ingredients and experiments (like the salted capers, pickled cherries, rendered lard, chopped onion, mignonette sauce, and more) , grouping them a certain way helps me find them… I’m constantly saving small glass jars and those plastic tubs you get from the deli, Whole Foods, etc. to use to store my “ingredients/experiments”. It drives my husband nuts! But they’re great to use, because if what’s inside goes bad, it’s not so horrible to toss the whole thing, instead of scraping rotten shallots out of the tupperware.

    Whenever I visit my best friend and his boyfriend, I reorganize their fridge. Seriously! It all starts when I find things like the roquefort blue cheese and the humboldt fog goat cheese in the same container (big no-no) and it just snowballs from there. I think they’re the only people in the world that I feel comfortable enough with to subject them to my o.c.d. tendencies. Now you’ve gained some insight into my madness. Like I said before, it’s a sickness! LOL

  5. Is that actually an EMPTY drawer I see in your fridge?? How can it be?

    As for your admission of wanting to reorganize fridges, no wonder I get that weird feeling whenever you open my fridge…hrmmm. Bet you’re just itching to rearrange it, huh? 😉

  6. Actually, that drawer’s not empty. There’s a tupperware container of strawberries down there.

    Your fridge, Schmoo, is actually decently organized, especially since it’s so packed! My friend’s fridge is another story.

  7. hey! i want to join in too! 🙂

    when i went home to the philippines, i went on an archeological expedition and took photos of my parents’ fridge. you won’t believe what they use it for now. also, other things i found.

    there is also a shot of my fridge which i had sent in to the anchored nomad’s refrigerator project. also quite fun.

    and interestingly, paul pellerito of in my own words, created this graphic of my alter-ego dj evil twin. 🙂

  8. no milk: you are more than welcome to join in!

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