An edible garden’s birth

edible schoolyard's sign for their spring plant sale

The Edible Schoolyard, an Alice Waters landmark of gardening and good eats in Berkeley, is holding its annual spring plant sale. I noticed this sign while picking up pizzas at Gioia’s yesterday–I’m tempted to go there and pick up some more vegetables to plant–maybe you’ll be tempted, too?

The sign reminded me of my own vegetable garden, newly started this year–yesterday, I finished my planting of fines herbes (parsley, tarragon, chives, chervil) by planting some chervil. Ah, I felt strangely satisfied! Visions of scrumptuous food danced through my mind.

But for now, reading about using herbs, fresh from the garden, has to suffice: for example, Pinch My Salt’s herbed tuna salad post makes me salivate, as I watch my garden grow.

What do I have planned? I’m thinking herb tempura with the Korean perilla leaves! Pesto with the basil! Soup with the sour garden sorrel. Kimchi with the Korean radish. North Korean eggplant stew with the Korean eggplant. Oodles of possibilities with my fines herbes, and nibbling on lavash and tarragon sandwiches. Eating carrots fresh out of the earth, raw and sweet. Tea with the chamomile, tea with the mint! And maybe mojitos with the mint! Infused cocktails with the anise hyssop. Chicken soup with dill. Yogurt with dill.

The possibilities seem endless.

vegetable garden mid-May

2 responses to “An edible garden’s birth

  1. Ooooooh! You’ve made me so excited about your garden πŸ™‚

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