A quick sprig of tea

mint and anise hyssop tea

Tea, I have realized (and sadly) only in recent months, does not have to be spooned, in dry flecks, out of a tin can. It does not have to make that subtle swishing sound as dry leaves scrape against the metal walls and hits the side of your teapot.

No. Tea can be made from fresh sprigs of mint and anise hyssop and other herbs you can find in your garden.

Today I made a tea out of mint leaves and anise hyssop leaves. I rinsed them, put them in a teapot, and then poured hot water over them, infusing the water with a great, enriching scent and flavor.

In no time at all, I had a mug of mint and anise hyssop tea, straight from the garden.

Try it.

4 responses to “A quick sprig of tea

  1. Christine, with all due respect, that can’t be called tea. Tea beverage need to be stepped from tea leaves. Take black or green leaves, optionally add mint and other herbs for flavor, but tea leaves need to be main component. Otherwise, it is, well, some leaves beverage, not tea. 🙂


  2. i understand that there could be a strict definition for tea (pekoe, earl grey, english breakfast, and various green teas)…but there is a general category of “tea” that includes herbs without tea leaves.
    i guess you could also call it a “tisane” but i use the word “tea” generically here (steeped water).
    as i understand it, the word “tea” is used often to describe the kind of beverage i detail above: “chamomile tea” and “peppermint tea” or “rose hibiscus tea”

    also for the record:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbal_tea–the entry is for the word “tisane” aka “herbal tea”

  3. Hey C(h)ristine:

    We grow a lot of herbs in our backyard, and often make a concoction of various leaves for a refreshing or healing tea. My favorites are to take some regular green tea (OK, no, we don’t grow and ferment these ourselves) and mix in some lavendar, mint, or orange peels, leave it to brew until it is room temperature, then chill for great iced tea. For a cold we mince up ginger along with lemon balm and more oregano than you would normally care for, and add some honey; makes a great dark brown soothing liquid.


  4. excellent input! I’ll have to try all those things out sometime, especially since I too have started an herb garden.

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