super secret experimental Doritos

While on a late night run to 7-Eleven tonight, I spotted a display of black and white Doritos bags straight in front of us. Doritos has used just about every color of the rainbow in its bag designs, but it has yet to use a stark, black and white color palate.

So I deigned to examine the bags a bit closer. “This is the X-13D Flavor Experiment,” the bag says, volunteering “tasting notes” that said “All-American Classic.” Intriguing. Definitely intriguing enough for me to spend 99 cents on the bag of chips while my husband filled up a slurpee.

We got home and ripped the bag open (yes, I waited to get home to open it because, true to food blogger form, I wanted to take a PICTURE of the bag before I opened and decimated it).

I wanted to know what the chip looked like–it looked like a normal Dorito chip–triangular with orange flavor powder.

“Are you going to taste it?” asked my husband.

“Yes!” I said, handing him a chip.

We each took a bite.

Within one second, we both muttered, mouths full, “Tastes like McDonald’s ketchup.” (Actually, it was more like, “Shtastesh like McDonaldsh ketchup.”) We looked at each other, amazed. And pondered, hands on our hips, staring at the black and white bag.

“Actually,” said my husband. “Tastes like McDonald’s fries and ketchup. Smells like it too.” I nodded vehemently. “Sound like someone purposely decided to emulate McDonald’s over at Doritos.”

So try it. See if it tastes like McDonald’s french fries and ketchup. (I’ve heard elsewhere, as I subsequently searched for other feedback, that it tastes like a McDonald’s cheeseburger).

I also tried submitting the flavor at x13.doritos.com, but they wanted WAY too much personal information, plus all I wanted to type was “McDonald’s french fries and ketchup,” so I gave up. Apparently, you have a shot at naming this X-13D Dorito chip.

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