Organic Rice Crispies–gone in a blink


I had no idea Organic Rice Crispies, as reported by Gourmet Magazine’s Food Blog, even existed. They were on the shelves of grocery stores, apparently, until they were pulled due to lack of sales.

They were never on the shelves of my neighborhood grocery stores, and I live in a hippie, organic-food-loving, Michael-Pollan-quoting, foodie town. I would have loved to have made organic rice crispy treats, complete with homemade marshmallow and plugra butter.

Did you see them?

3 responses to “Organic Rice Crispies–gone in a blink

  1. I saw them last week! I must admit, I eyed them suspiciously and just bought the regular box…

  2. i have been searching everywhere for them my son is allergic to corn and the regular ones contain corn syrup the organic ones did not he can only have one kind of cereal other than organic rice crispies

  3. rachel: good luck finding it–I wonder if you can buy it online?

    I would love to get organic rice krispies–I don’t have an allergy to corn syrup, but I’d like to avoid it for sure!

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