Sweet sweet avocado

I had to try it

Oh yes. You’re seeing it correctly–that is an avocado drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. I HAD to try it after reading about avocados in the current issue of Saveur Magazine. In her article, Andrea Nguyen (who also writes a wonderful article on Hmong farmers in California’s Central Valley in the same issue) begins with a mention about spending a childhood eating avocados prepared with the sweet dressing. Immediately, I did a doubletake (as much as one can do a doubletake while reading): WHAT?!

I reread:

“…I invariable arrive home an avocado lighter than when I left the market, having sliced one open on the way and eaten it right out of the skin with a spoon.

That’s how my dad…taught me to eat this luxurious fruit. I remember watching him after dinner, when I was a kid, as he halved a ripe avocado, removed its slippery pit, and drizzled sweetened condensed milk into the cavity where the pit used to be. Then he’d hand the halves to me and my siblings, and we’d dig in, savoring one sweet, creamy bite after another.”

Ohhhhh. I nearly moaned. Nguyen made the combination sound so delicious, I vowed to put avocados on my next grocery list. And so I did. Immediately. Even though I couldn’t imagine avocados in anything but savory dishes (think: guacamole, or slathered on a thick chunk of bread). Okay, maybe ice cream.

You don’t need directions on how to make this–I sliced an avocado in half and proceeded to drizzle. If I didn’t have to take a picture for this blog, I would have immediately dug in with a spoon and not gotten my cutting board all sticky with sweetened condensed milk (really, is there anything that DOESN’T taste good with that stuff?).

I paused a second, staring at the pale green and yellow meat of the avocado, rapidly disappearing under the spreading sweet syrup, hoping for the best, dug in with my spoon, and took a bite.

The concoction really threw my tastebuds for a loop: it was good! Not that I was expecting it to be horrible (I was expecting it to be good), but I just had no idea how it would taste. Though I have spent my entire life eating avocados and sweetened condensed milk (but not together), the taste was entirely unique. The milk brings out the nuttiness of the avocados, and the creamy fruit complements the dressing so I really felt like I was eating a dessert.

It was so bizarre. But bizarrely good!

I ate the entire half of the avocado, finding myself liking the food more and more with each bite. (They say all you have to do is eat a food three times and then you like it).

In hindsight, I’m not sure why I’m so surprised–we Koreans love to drizzle sugar on sliced tomatoes (also with a great reputation for savory dishes and not so much dessert) and serve it as an after-meal “dessert” type dish. This tomato/sugar combination is still a little guilty pleasure of mine, and the main way in which tomatoes disappear off our kitchen table.

Afterwards, I googled for the avocado sweetened condensed milk dish. It is evidently a common food in Southeast Asia–and if you find yourself liking this flavor and texture combination, you can even make yourself an avocado shake, as featured on Andrea Nguyen’s (yes, the same person who wrote the Saveur article on avocados) Viet World Kitchen, a blog I was happy to find today.


8 responses to “Sweet sweet avocado

  1. Weird. I couldn’t imagine avocados with anything but fresh tomatoes and olive oil + vinegar + mustard dressing…

  2. Eugene: your combo sounds delicious, and along my original expectations.

    Now I am going to go around and drizzle sweetened condensed milk on every edible object (starting with tomatoes, something I sprinkle with sugar) and see how it all goes. πŸ˜›

    You will all have to drag me away from the experiment after I’ve gained 20 pounds. πŸ˜›

  3. Wasn’t there a post about toast with sweetened condensed milk some time back?

    I seem to remember seeing Alto Brown make a buttercream frosting with avocados! Filipinos like sweet avocado things too. You can find avocado ice cream at 99 Ranch, and there’s a Filipino joint my friends and I go to in Daly City that serves avocado milkshakes! There’s yummy, but quite rich!

  4. Hey Connie: I think I blogged about sweetened condensed milk drizzled on toast somewhere, but not on this blog. Thanks for the good memories–because THAT is delish, too–! This further strengthens my stance that I should just go drizzle sweetened condensed milk on everything.

    buttercream frosting with avocados sounds awesome (what kinds of cake would you slather that on?).

  5. one that’s eaten right away!

    The recipe’s really easy


    To be safe, I’d try it on yellow cake, or angel food.

  6. Heh… This is exactly how I used to eat avocados growing up in the Philippines. This was my favorite way — drizzled with condensed milk. My mom also made avocado ice cream and avocado milk shakes quite regularly (yes — they do taste quite rich).

    Funny because when I moved here, I thought eating avocados in savory dishes was weird!

  7. A whole new world of avocados has opened up. I feel like saying, “Savory, meet Sweet! Sweet, meet Savory!” πŸ˜›

  8. I imagine that it would be even better with a sprinkling of bacon crumbles (real!) or sea salt

    sweet, salty, savory, fatty delicious!

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