What is it about Kimchi?

I scoop up a generous amount with my chopsticks and dump it in my ramen.  I stir it around, slurp my noodles and gobble up the kimchee.  I take a few spoonfuls of the now red broth, and add more kimchee.  Still not enough.  This time, I pick up the kimchee from directly from the jar and the noodles at the same time.  When I finish the noodles, and only the broth is left, I pick up the bowl and drink the rich red broth directly from the rim.  Usually, I dump the broth.  As I gulp it down, I think to myself, hmm, this would be better with more kimchi in it! 

I am totally addicted.  Strangely enough, as a child, I couldn’t stand the stuff.  Although Little Saigon was less than fifteen minutes away, my mom would often pop into the Korean market around the corner if she needed something for the evening’s dinner and she didn’t feel up to dealing with the chaotic traffic and parking sitch on Bolsa Street.  She would always linger near the open tubs of cabbage fermenting in the refrigerator section, while I shied away, wrinkling my nose and retreating to the candy aisle.  The stench was just too strong for my eight year old senses.  It took me a while to overcome my childhood impressions, but sometime in the last few years, I’ve decided I just can’t get enough.  Now I linger in that refrigerator aisle, deciding which kind will go will go best with the noodles, the barbeque, the rice, or with dinner that evening.

 Are there any foods you love now that you couldn’t stand as a child?

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