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Mayonnaise lover: Garlic Aioli

aioli in progress

There are those who hate mayonnaise. Absolutely HATE it–will explicitly state to a sandwich maker, “NO MAYONNAISE!!!” (yes, with the three exclamation marks). In fact, maybe a few of you have stopped reading the article at the mere mention of mayonnaise.

A friend of mine once refused to eat scrambled eggs on a backpacking trip because instead of butter, I used mayonnaise in the pan (note to backpackers: those packets of mayonnaise are GREAT–since mayonnaise is really lots of oil, it makes for a great butter/oil substitute in cooking). By then, if she hadn’t been told there was mayonnaise in the food, she would not have known–it was long past being mayonnaise and had broken down to its essential oil. But you see, that’s how much she hates mayonnaise. I told my husband, “Keep the mayonnaise hush hush in the future!”

And then there are those who cannot imagine a sandwich without that creamy dressing. A sandwich without mayonnaise–is just…DRY. Hand me a sandwich without mayonnaise and I will just not eat it. If you put mustard (sweet or French’s) in it, that’s ok–but my palate will still be missing the mayonnaise.

I like Miracle Whip (yes, I count that as “mayonnaise), Best Foods Sandwich Spread (with the relish! Relish is another key ingredient in all my sandwiches), Hellman’s/Best Food mayonnaise, and most recently, I’ve fallen in love with this wonderful French garlic aioli that comes in a small plastic tub. The name of this aioli escapes me and of course, I can’t look at the container because–well, you’ll know when you read on.

So when I opened my refrigerator the other day, determined to make myself a sandwich for lunch, you can only imagine my dismay when I realized that I had NO mayonnaise in the fridge.

What to do what to do? I wanted to eat without delay, but didn’t have time to go out and fetch a jar of mayonnaise (or what I REALLY wanted: a jar of beloved garlic aioli) from the store.

And by now, you know that a sandwich isn’t a sandwich to me, without some mayonnaise.

So I decided to make myself some aioli. Yes I would.

Ah–break the eggs, peel the garlic! And most fun of all: drizzling in the olive oil…

aioli in progress

And watching the alchemy occur–from mixed eggs that looked ready to scramble in a pan into a light whipped…mayonnaise. It’s that simple and miraculous. Really!

homemade garlic aioli

And in the end, just a few minutes later? I made my sandwich. Happiness! Even better: I got to EAT it. Joy!

sandwich made with garlic aioli

Recipe follows after the jump…

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