Kimono Kitty

I think I have discovered a new favorite drink. For more reasons than one.

3 responses to “Calpico

  1. it sounds and looks delightful!

  2. Funny, Calpice was a favorite drink back when I lived in Japan, in the late 80s. We Westerners used to tease that the name sounded like, “Cow piss” if you pronounce it correctly. (You think that’s goofy? There was also a sports drink called Pocari Sweat.) Anyway, Calpice is a great tart-sweet yogurt drink–from before when yogurt drinks were popular.

    • first, it’s calpis (not calpice [which looks like cal-pie-s]) second it actually has been popular in Japan since 1919, according to their site. and it is so wonderfully delicious.

      –I don’t monitor replies, so don’t bother–

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