Daily Archives: December 23, 2007

Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe's stone crab

Back when I was in South Beach Miami, I drove by Joe’s Stone Crab, and lamented the fact that I wasn’t able to stop by. I’d sure heard wonderful things about the restaurant, and about stone crabs, but it was not meant to be.

So while in Las Vegas, we were giddy when we saw a sign for Joe’s Stone Crab on a billboard. Oh–put that on our list of things to eat while in town! I did some quick research to confirm that it was indeed the same Joe’s Stone Crab, and that it was indeed stone crab season…and off we went to procure reservations. (The stone crabs are apparently shipped straight from Miami to Las Vegas, coddled in dry ice, but unfrozen for dining consumption–no telling what happens in the off-season. I’m guessing the crab is frozen and not as tasty). Consensus is that the stone crabs at the Las Vegas location are not as good as the ones in Miami, but that they are still quite delicious.

And ohhhh–they are so wonderful, whether or not you choose to dip them in Joe’s special house mustard.

Even though Joe’s does an excellent job of cracking the crab so that the meat is very accessible, do be careful–I still managed to slice my thumb. The shells of the crab are thick, and evidently quite sharp (it took quite awhile to get the bleeding under control). But nonetheless, I enjoyed my dinner! And the crab!

Dinner is a bit spendy (and crabs have high cholesterol)–so this isn’t fit for everyday dining, but it sure is a great treat. And what a thrill to get stone crabs a little closer to the West Coast.

p.s.  Needless to say, this isn’t locavore-friendly dining.