egg nog, eggnog

homemade egg nog

Apparently there are two ways to spell this wonderfully custardy holiday time beverage: “egg nog” or “eggnog.”

I’ve always bought my eggnog from the store throughout the years, our recipe for eggnog being the comical, “Open box, pour into glass, drink!” We looooove eggnog. And it is purely a holiday time drink, because you can’t buy eggnog in a carton except for during the holidays.

But this year, out of pure curiosity, I decided to make a batch at home, complete with whipped egg topping and grated nutmeg. My reaction: OH.MY.G*D. It was AWESOME. Sorry, I can’t get more eloquent than that (I’ve had a couple cups now and am officially tipsy).

Though unnecessary, I decided to do a taste test against some store bought eggnog–the store bought eggnog was entirely bland (though nice and thick) and tasteless in the wake of homemade eggnog which just tastes so fresh and sparkles with each of the ingredients.

I made my egg nog very lightly alcoholic but you can certainly add more liquor if you please. Enjoy!!!!!

(btw, if you have problems with eggs in your area, don’t make this–the eggs are raw in this recipe)

makes about 30 servings–you can cut the recipe in half or a quarter

12 eggs, separated
2 cups superfine sugar
1/2 cup brandy (you can go up to 2 cups)
large splash of light rum (you can go up to 1 cup)
large splash of kahlua (you can go up to 1 cup)
3 pints (6 cups) milk
1 pint (2 cups) heavy cream

Beat the egg yolks and sugar together until thick. Slowly stir in the brandy, rum, kahlua, milk and cream. Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled and pour into a punch bowl. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold gently into the eggnog. Grate a little nutmeg on top and serve in 4-ounce punch glasses.

3 responses to “egg nog, eggnog

  1. whoa! I just made homemade eggnog for the first time yesterday, too! I used Alton Brown’s recipe which is a lot like yours (only using 4 eggs and no kahlua). It got rave reviews as well 🙂

  2. Mmmmmmm …. I’m bookmarking this for next year … Or would it be sacrilege to make at New Year’s??

  3. Hi Lucy: Alton Brown’s recipe is similar in ratio as my recipe–if you cut my recipe down by 1/3, you’ll get the same ratio (4 eggs, 1 pint whole milk, a little less than 1 cup cream). 🙂 The flavoring is what you can play around with–more/less nutmeg, and the alcohol of your choosing. My kahlua is a little less traditional.

    Ryan: I have a friend who makes eggnog every New Year’s–I say it’s very traditional! And because I now am no longer dependent on cartons of eggnog, I’ll be making this whenever I want. 🙂

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