Girl Scout cookie season

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies in progress

I love girl scout cookies, especially Samoas (aka “Caramel de-Lites”)–this unique and tasty conglomeration of butter shortbread cookie, caramel, coconut, and chocolate. Soooo deliciously evil, especially as they come on the heels of the holiday, threatening to sabotage any new year’s diet.

I put in my order for girl scout cookies (samoas and thin mints) with a coworker and friend selling boxes on behalf of his daughter. But damn the wait!

I found a recipe for Samoas at Baking Bites–not only can I indulge my desire for Girl Scout Samoa cookies more immediately, I can avoid trans-fats by baking them at home!

Mine didn’t come out perfect, but I got my craving satisfied (and there are a couple dozen, packaged, to take to work tomorrow).

Some caveats for making them at home:

1) They take some effort (make the cookies, prep and apply the coconut and caramel coating, and prep and apply the chocolate). More than chocolate chip cookies, less than a fancy cake.

2) I’d add waaaay more caramel next time. I added the prescribed amount of coconut and it overwhelmed the caramel, such that the mixture was waaay “tougher” than it should have been (the caramel even when set, should be fairly “squishy”).

3) I’d skip the hole in the cookies. See the picture below:

Homemade girl scout cookies in progress

They’re a waste of time–I went to the trouble of cutting a hole in each, about the size of a straw…but the caramel-coconut topping covered the hole entirely. See the picture below:

Homemade girl scout cookies in progress

If you insist on having a hole, make the hole a lot bigger.

4)  The dough can get a bit “sticky”–the recipe said it should be a ball, but I don’t stress out if you don’t have a smooth ball of dough.  Add a little extra flour if you think it’ll help…and chill the dough in the fridge before rolling it out.  Even so, you’ll find yourself peeling the cookie rounds off of the parchment paper.  A delicate operation.  Don’t roll it too thin–otherwise, they’ll be too delicate and break when you start applying the gooey caramel topping.  See the broken pieces above?  You’ve been warned!

Overall: yum yum!

10 responses to “Girl Scout cookie season

  1. wow! my husband and i were just talking about how i need to find a recipe for these! these are by far my favorite girl scout cookie. thanks for sharing.

  2. These look totally incredible. Peanut butter patties next? 🙂

  3. I love Samoas too! And now I have a huge craving for them. Looks like I gotta go hunt me down a girl scout! I hope no one takes that the wrong way. And if you did, get your mind out of the gutter!

  4. Yeah I love Samoas too.They looks so delious!!

  5. Yum those look delicious! I saw that recipe at Baking Bites too and saved it. I have never tried these cookies before.

  6. sweetnsavory: yes they are great…though they’re aren’t exactly like the original girl scout cookie, it’ sgood to know you can make these throughout the year!

    Susan:we’ll see!

    Chuck: funny. I did take that the wrong way for a split second!

    Tim and Ashley: thanks–they are yummy. Ashley, you should try them! They’re my FAVORITE girl scout cookie. I’m limiting myself to one a day lest I gorge myself too much.

  7. Oh dear. Now I must make or find them cookies!
    🙂 Looks delicious!

  8. I found your blog through automated links in wordpress.
    These were my fav cookies as a child but they don’t sell them in Australia. Thanks for setting me up with a great baking project.

    • Great quote from some random person although it sounds like cl&30#82t&;.“Goreo#8217;s made a fortune off junk science and lecturing commoners on how many times to flush the toilet.”

  9. g scrive:22 febbraio 2012 alle 17:&p0nbsp; &nbs1; Marcegaglia: “Non vogliamo un sindacato che protegge altri ladri, fannulloni e assenteisti! all’infuori di noi” Bersani “Non vogliamo un sindacato che …. che cos’è?” Monti “Non ci serve il sindacato … neanche servile”

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