You are what you eat

Over at Offal Good, Chris Consentino makes an angry and impassioned commentary about the price of cheap meat.  And by price, I mean the exorbitant humane price of how cows are treated as they go to slaughter.  There is a secret video taken by the Humane Society at a meat processor in Chino, CA–the same meat processor that also supplies meat to children in schools.

It is disturbing to watch. They break, it looks like, every rule in the book for the sake of making money: drag the cows to slaughter, forklift them, beat them, electrocute them, until they stand and walk to slaughter. (They have to be able to stand in order to be slaughtered).

I’m no vegan, I’m no longer a vegetarian, and I know slaughter is still killing…but there have GOT to be more humane ways to treat and slaughter animals.

Know where your meat comes from.  Humane certified.

One response to “You are what you eat

  1. And the people are wondering afterwards, why their children get sick all the time – after eating all those stress hormones and medicament traces in such “cheap meat”.

    Thanks for the link, reposted it on twitter 🙂

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