Daily Archives: May 13, 2008

rifling through a cookbook

various Korean snacks

Just a little post with one of my musings here, people. I’m so inspired by French Laundry At Home–I’ve been thinking about a foray of my own, in a similar vein. Only with Korean food.

My mom cooked fantastic Korean food but she never taught me how to cook. She wanted me to grow up a “career woman” and she didn’t want me stuck in a kitchen. And she figured that not teaching me how to cook might help me avoid that fate. Also, I never went back home after college–apparently that might have been the time to teach me a few domestic duties according to custom.

And thus I am horrible at doing laundry. I am horrible at tidying house. But strangely enough, I still learned how to cook. And I cook with great joy, probably because it was never taught to me as a duty but because I learned it as a wonderful hobby.

I learned to cook on my own and from my mother-in-law who was an incredible foodie. She once took me to Surfas in L.A., I remember, where we spent an afternoon gleefully rummaging through all the kitchen supplies and ingredients. I brought a huuuuge bag of lavender home from that excursion. We woke up early to go to the farmer’s market where she would pick up fresh chicken, special ordered. The list of foodie adventures goes on and on. She ignited my passion for cooking.

I have a few recipes of favorite childhood foods from my mother, some of which I’ve shared here, but I don’t have a great repertoire of Korean recipes.

I regret that.

And reading Carol go through the French Laundry cookbook has inspired me to do something similar: go through every recipe of one of my favorite Korean cookbooks, Hisoo Shin Hepinstall’s Growing Up In A Korean Kitchen. In that way, I can recapture Korean foods in my kitchen…and also share them with you.

What do you think?