Just eating and eating my way through the world

green tea farm

I know the last time I posted (well other than my recent post on tiffin tins–a very belated post on something I’d discovered months and months ago) I proposed a new project–that I’d discuss my Korean cooking adventures following the recipes in Hepinstall’s cookbook of Korean recipes.

But then–bleah. Nothing. You got nothing. You got a month-long silence from me. You see, right after that post, I decided I’d be blogging a lot less and writing fiction a whole lot more. So, I definitely blogged a lot less.

However quiet I was here on Muffin Top, I still had my share of culinary adventures…and what better than a pictorial?

In May, Connie and I had brunch at the Berkeley Thai Temple, where we had among other things, kanom krog:

kanom krog

The crowds were dense, the line was long (have I mentioned before how much I hate long lines?) but the experience was worth it. And they’ve got the process down to expedite that line, starting with tokens (you pay with tokens, and it bypasses the whole “making change” experience in the line)


And then family matters took me to Vegas, where I had Red Mango yogurt for the first time ever…

Red Mango

I haven’t had Pinkberry yet–just my own homemade frozen yogurt (courtesy of David Lebovitz whose Perfect Scoop is second to NONE)…but the Red Mango was pretty dang good!

Then I was off to China and London…

Where I had an anniversary dinner at Jade on 36, site of fusion Asian, molecular gastronomy-themed food in Shanghai. THAT is NOT a fried egg…

"Breakfast" at our marriage anniversary dinner

There was Communist Coca-Cola:

Chinese Coca Cola

And a feast at Lou Wai Lou restaurant in picturesque Hangzhou:

the feast at Lou Wai Lou in Hangzhou

Right outside of Lou Wai Lou were these boats–you can take a ride on them and have tea and snacks.


Then off to the Longjing Tea Village, where I procured some very elite longjing green tea…

green tea leaves

In Beijing, I found my sustenance at the various street markets. Our first night there, we ran into the concept of “food-on-sticks.” I kid you not–I’m talking meats-on-sticks, candied-fruits-on-sticks, and…insects on sticks:

seahorse and scorpions on sticks

If you could put it on a stick, it was on a stick:

various meats on sticks

The hubby dared to eat scorpions on sticks. I couldn’t do it, but it made me admire him even more. Me? I had some candied strawberries on sticks at the Dong Hua Men Market. They were oh so delicious–I had some every single night in Beijing.

Christine eats her candied strawberries on a stick

More meats on sticks at the night market!
meats on sticks

Hello? Here are some more foods-on-sticks (why doesn’t KFC have this)?

foods on sticks at Yoshinoya

I took a video of the market, too.

I was sooo hungry in Beijing…I went to the hotel desk and asked them where I could find a good bowl of “jia jiang myun,” my beloved Korean-Chinese hybrid food. It had to be good here, no? The lady smiled and scribbled “Lao Beijing Zha Jiang Bian” on a card and drew a map. “Best in Beijing,” she said. I ran out the door and handed it to the taxi driver.

Jia Jiang Myun in Beijing

The Jia Jiang Myun was not the same as in Korea, but I ate it all up anyway.

What better way to end the trip than to fly to London for an overnight stay and eat Indian food (no pictures there–we nearly slept through our entire meal we were so jetlagged)…and buy a pile of British candy?

pile o' british candy!

We came home to the Bay Area in full Spring. I’m talking about gorgeous fruit, like pluots.


And rhubarb…and strawberry. I made a crisp:

Strawberry Rhubarb crisp with cardamom and nutmeg

Recently, we went down to Los Angeles, and I went to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market where I found the most delicious strawberries ever:

Gaviota strawberries from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

They’re Gaviota strawberries. And though I’ve never been attracted to Los Angeles, I’d move down there just to have access to Gaviota strawberries, they are THAT good.

But then again, the Bay Area has these wonderful mango nectarines…

delicious, fragrant mango-nectarines!

Yes, I’m allergic to stone fruit, but I took a Benadryl and allowed myself a bite of these nectarines. Ohhhh heaven.

9 responses to “Just eating and eating my way through the world

  1. So, I have to ask…how does scorpion-on-a-stick taste? Maybe your husband can answer that…

  2. It was well doused with a spicy sauce–he said it tasted “crunchy” and mostly tasted like the sauce. Would he eat it again? He said no. But at the same time, he said it was quite decent.

  3. Oy, this whole post made me say “yay!,” especially the last photo, since I’m a sucker for British candy!

  4. You’re more than welcome for the shout out! I love your blog and wanted to share. I know you’re really not “hidden” but still. This pictures are AMAZING! It all looks wonderful. I just got some fresh fruit from Seattle/Washington area, and it’s great! I can’t wait until our cherry crop is harvested in a week. Yum.

  5. Ok..I have to say the scorpions on a stick were NASTY!!! It made me itchy! LOL

  6. oh my god the food on a stick was scary!! but the strawberrys looked yum šŸ™‚

  7. I love the crisp shown, looks delicious hehehe. nyum nyum!


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