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Easy Dessert: Oreo icebox cake

Oreo icebox cake. Ready to eat.

I had no idea about the wonderful world of icebox cakes. As in, wonderful chilled cakes that require zero baking. Cakes that just involve assembly. That require no cooking. Cakes a five year old could make. Cakes so easy they have me writing incomplete sentences. Fragments. Cookies. Cream. Chill. Done.

So I thought I’d share an icebox cake recipe as part of my series of “quick and easy” meals for new moms or people-who-just-don’t-have-time. I used Cool Whip, because duh, it’s easy. But you can totally throw some whipping cream and sugar together and whip it up if Cool Whip is not your thing and/or if you’ve got a few more minutes and the werewithal to wash a few more dishes.

I’m not even going to put an official recipe here–because it’s really assembly.

Get your Cool Whip (or whipping cream) out. Pour out about 1/4 – 1/2 glass of milk (a big glug or two) into a shallow small bowl. Get yourself a big package of Oreos. (the package you see here made a very small cake about 6 inches in diameter (3 oreo cookies wide). You’ll want more Cool Whip and more Oreos if you want a bigger cake.
Icebox cake

See the baby rice cereal? I’m keeping it real in the above picture…(Also, I changed my mind on the Oreo icebox cake container, and switched to a clear glass pyrex dish).

Then start assembly. Dunk an Oreo and set it down into the cake container (I used a glass pyrex dish). Do this until you’ve got the first layer down.

Then dollop some Cool Whip until you’ve got a generous layer covering the Oreos.

Then dunk more Oreos in milk and set down your next layer.

Etcetera, etcetera. I recommend getting yourself at least 3 layers of Oreos down, before you top the whole sucker up with Cool Whip.


Cover the Oreos and Cool Whip with aluminum foil and then CHILL in the fridge. And yes, you yourself will have to CHILL, too–while you wait for the flavors in the cake to meld, and for the cookies to get mushy like, well, cake.

I like to cover it 8 hours or overnight, at the very minimum. If you’re using double-stuffed Oreos, you will probably want it to chill for closer to 24 hours, because the cream center is the last to break down.

It is decadent. Simple. Fun.

Try it with other cookies–like graham crackers or lemon cremes!

Oreo cool whip icebox cake ready to refrigerate for 6+ hours!

Quick and Easy Meal: Sriracha Sloppy Joes

Sriracha Sloppy joes

The idea of making sloppy joes intrigued me, because the last time I had sloppy joes, I was nibbling them off a lunch tray in the multipurpose room at school. At elementary school. And we never ate them. Or at least, I never did. And neither did my friends. They were gloppy and disgusting.

But you can’t judge a dish when you only know it in the context of the school cafeteria.

And I thought I’d give it another try as an adult, especially since I figured I could whip this up pretty quickly as a new mom. Now I know one of the rules is “no chopping,” but you could skip the onions if you hate them–or you can pick up a package of pre-chopped onions from trader joes. Or you can put your kid in a high chair for about 5 minutes while you chop the onions and put garlic through a garlic press. (Or if you were really desperate like me–yes you can reach for the garlic powder–because when you’ve got a small baby, you can’t sweat the little things like fresh garlic versus powder. You’ve gotta figure out how to make food and EAT).

I looked up a few sloppy joe recipes, with the intention of finding one that was simple and quick. And then I decided to give it an extra kick with not the more traditional tabasco, but Sriracha. It was tremendous. Hope you enjoy. Recipe after the jump!

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