What is a “muffin top?”

C(h)ristine here, explaining the whole business about muffin tops and Muffin Top.

I won’t really eat a whole muffin, just the muffin top. Even before those fancy shmancy “muffin top molds” came out (you know, the kind that enable someone to JUST make muffin tops), I would twist off the top of a muffin and then…toss the cup part of the muffin aside.  Who wants to eat the chewy non-browned bottom of a muffin when you can eat the caramelized, browned, crunchy muffin top?

I love those kinds of muffin tops.

I’m also trying to learn to like MY muffin top. You know, when your belly bulges/hangs over the tops of your jeans/pants. When I’m wearing a snug pair of jeans and eat a big meal, I’ll get a muffin top. I used to have a permanent muffin top, so this is progress.

I like that calling my belly fat a “muffin top” makes the whole thing cuter and more delicious to me.

So this blog is an homage to muffin tops–the literal kind, and the figurative kind. This blog is about food and eating. Muffin tops, muffin tops!  It’s written by a bunch of friends who have a passion for food.  Some of us love haute cuisine, others are focused on family cooking.  Some of us love French, the others love “ethnic” food.  It’s not about one perspective but a diverse look at food that turns us on.

and just so you know, here is the backstory to the blog’s name:
I wore my skinny jeans today, a pair of Blue Cult jeans I purchased a year ago with great optimism. I could BARELY get my legs into them, and I could NOT button them up, but they were $25 (down from $200) at a discount store. “What the hell,” I thought, “This might be a good gamble.”

It paid off today. They were snug, but they fit!

But then after lunch (a wonderful meal of Vietnamese food), I had a MAJOR muffin top. My stomach was pudging over the waistband. Thank goodness I wore a loose blouse.

“I have a muffin top!” I shrieked in the office.


“A muffin top!”

One of my coworkers started laughing. “That is the cutest thing ever!” he said. “A muffin top!?”

And then, at that very moment, I announced, “That would be an AWESOME name for a blog!”

And so, this blog was born..

14 responses to “About

  1. Great name and fantastic photos. All-around very cool blog. When you have a minute check out “Eat Me (or, One Woman Overcomes her Racial Handicap and Prepares Damn Tasty Food from Around the World)” on One Sorry Blog.

  2. What a fun blog, with such lovely photos! (and I have fond memories of eating muffin tops and all sorts of other muffins in the LAND of the muffins, e.g., Canada)

  3. Muffin tops are in the comfort zone…in any way you want to think of it. Love your blog. Check out mine which is very new and clearly I’m not sure what I am doing. I hope it will one day be as organized and inspiring as yours. QE

  4. Seinfeld episode # 155 “The Muffin Tops”

  5. Great story C(h)ristine! Email me your address and I will send you a free “I Love Your Muffin Top” t-shirt. Hopefully you are in the United States. If not I am sure we can work out shipping costs.

  6. Thank you JDP! I’ve just sent you an email.

  7. Am interested in placing a booking at your restaurant on easter sunday or monday, do you have any tables available? This is for our 2nd Anniversary.
    Many thanks,
    Sue Kirby

  8. Hello! I have entered the blog world, and thought I should comment. I found your blog (before I knew it was a blog) for the pumpkin muffin recipe you had from Gourmet Cooking. I LOVE that recipe! I used it just the other night, again, and I have to google “pumpkin muffins” every time to find that recipe on your blog. Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Check out my blog sometime, if you feel like it: ithankmymother.wordpress.com. I look forward to being a regular reader!

  9. Hi C(h)ristine and other Contributors,
    I recently came across your blog and I see that you have great entries (and pictures) about your experiences with delicious food. I wanted to let you know that Brighter Planet has just launched a cooking contest, which I thought you might be interested in joining. We’d really appreciate your involvement (and your help spreading the word)! It’s free, it’s fun, and anyone can enter– ideal for cooks, food lovers, and budding environmentalists alike!

    Here’s the info:

    Brighterplanet.com is a new social website that helps people manage their environmental footprint. We just launched the “Mastering the Art of Sustainable Cooking” contest, aimed at inspiring folks to reduce the environmental impact of their diet.

    With this contest, we’re looking for people to complete sustainable cooking conservation tips and share their experiences, recipes, pics etc. The entries that have racked up the most thumbs up will be judged by a panel of environmental and culinary heavyweights (including Alice Waters, Bill McKibben, Gary Hirshberg and Amy Trubek) who will determine the final winners.

    The best write-up in each of the five tip categories will win a Kindle DX and a $100 gift certificate to load it up with your favorite cookbooks!

    How are you reducing your “foodprint?”



  10. Hi!

    I have no idea who you are…I was just doing a search on perilla and happened upon this website. Awesome! You’ve made me a fan. I gotta say, I love eating muffin tops too! Thanks for the idea about perilla pesto XD

  11. thanks for the recipes

  12. Hey!

    I have to ask, I have a permanent muffin top, so permanent that even when im in great shape my waist dips in, my hip bones are wider than my waist. How did you get rid of yours?

  13. Hello there,
    Thank you for all the great entries:) I don’t know if this site is active? Could you pls. Send me an email and let me know if u know of any kimchi classes? And or other classes!

    I found ur websites last night and I tried making Persian raisin cookies and thanks to u .. It was a success…. U r the best… It was my first time baking…thx a lot for everything u have done… Hope u r still active..

    Lots of love,

  14. How do I follow you?

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