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unedited fridge 3

I actually take of sort of sick pleasure in organizing the fridge, but my husband’s been out of town, and we had a Cinco de Mayo fiesta last weekend so I’m rocking a bachelor fridge – booze and condiments! 

Normally, I do all my grocery shopping on Saturdays (farmer’s market, butcher, fishmonger, bakery, etc.) but didn’t go the past three Saturdays.  (I’ve kept some of my greens, especially the herbs, fresh by standing them upright in water in a glass container, loosely covered with the plastic bag they came in.  Trim the stems and change water every few days) However, I constantly tinker with food experiments, hence the fruit pits, the preserved/pickled items, the vodka infusions and the animal fats.  Also, I’m actively trying to clear out my freezer (must. finish. ice-cream!), so many of our meals were defrosted the night before; if I were to open it right now, everything would tumble out, which is why you won’t see a picture of it.  Tonight, I pulled out my wok and scrambled some egg, sauteed some bok choy and onion, and tossed in some frozen peas, leftover roast duck and green onion with a few squirts of soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil to make fried rice.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably take some of that defrosted pasta sauce and adapt that penne pasta dish with red pepper flakes, onion, parsley and salt pork from the Babbo cookbook.  On Thursday, I’ll complete the vichysoisse by adding cream and chopped chives and accompany it with a hunk of bread (um, no croutons) and a salad.

Maybe when I get back into my normal routine, I’ll take another picture.  If you think the contents of my fridge are weird now, wait til you see it when I’m back to “normal”.

Unedited Fridge 2

mai's fridge

Mai here. As per C(h)ristine’s directive, here is my unedited fridge as of 2pm today. It has mostly fruit (mangoes, cherries, strawberries, lemons), vegetables (onions, bell peppers), water (still and carbonated), eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, half and half, and cheese (smoked gouda, goat cheese, petit basque and jack).

I put things in “strategic” places, so my boyfriend can see that we have certain items (like the sliced smoked gouda next to the mangoes). If I don’t, he’ll either buy duplicates or it will go bad.

I usually buy items right before I make a meal with the goal of not wasting ingredients or holding too much in the house. This mostly works out. Right now I have everything to make a salmon quiche, but it feels too hot to bake. Maybe tomorrow.

Unedited Fridge

Unedited Fridge

Christine here! And that above is my fridge as of 9:00pm this evening.

Sam, over at becks & posh, has asked, “What is in your unedited fridge?” and her question has hit a nerve–everyone’s hopping on that confessional wagon!

It’s exhilarating to see the fridge contents of other foodies–especially UNEDITED fridge contents (no you may NOT neaten or straighten up the items of your fridge). You may notice things I’ve blogged about previously, such as organic maraschino cherries, or hummus .

But generally, it’s one big gorgeous mess! Sadly, there is MUCH more in that fridge than meets the eye. Hidden in the back are treasures like leftovers of galbi jjim as well as plugra clarified butter, organic tahini, homemade limoncello, and bottles of lillet.

My fridge is DEFINITELY not one of those fridges on MTV Cribs, where some celebrity opens up his/her fridge to neat rows of Evian water and Snapple, arranged like Westpoint cadets in marching formation.  Oh, with one bottle of ketchup and oranges or some other generic fruit to “round it out.”  Seriously–I scoff at those fridges.

I didn’t show the freezer–everything’s frostbitten in there, and everything will just fall out onto the floor once I slide out the door anyway. Yes, things like Viccolo’s frozen pizza, frozen Korean mandoo, frozen pita, various meats, and ice creams.

Would love all the other Muffin Top writers to show their unedited fridges in separate posts! You don’t have to, but you wouldn’t mind, would you?

5 Things (Food) Meme


I’ve been tagged with the 5 things meme from friend of Muffin Top, Tea and Cookies. Since too much info can be found on me here, I thought I’d do the five things meme with a sub-theme about food (and food allergies).

Here it goes:

1. I like to eat creamed textured food when I’m sick. I consume things like liver pate, cream cheese, ice cream, tuna, etc., the other evening I made a traditional chicken liver because it sounded so good.

2. Rice is my comfort food. Unfortunate because I have a generalized type b allergy to rice. (Won’t kill me, but makes me uncomfortable.) When I had my Lasek PRK operation last January and was in incredible pain, all I asked to eat was rice. (Though CW never caved in and gave it to me.) So, if anyone knows a non-starch alternative that is eerily similar to rice…

3. I always prefer to eat red meat. I had a bad experience with Mahi Mahi eight years ago, so now I generally don’t eat cooked fish, but I’ll still eat sushi. I don’t like chicken or turkey meat, but love duck. (This apparently doesn’t extend to chicken liver.)

4. I once went into Anaphylactic Shock. I used to eat loads of starches: pasta, bread, potatoes, carrots, rice, etc… at the same time I had these environmental allergies that I got weekly treatments for. Turns out my food allergies (unknown prior to this incident) are contraindicated with the grass and pollen shots. Apparently allergy shots + scratchy throat you can’t clear + itchiness + heavy pasta diet = Anaphylactic Shock.

My lesson of the day: don’t let your throat close up. A later lesson was that food allergies can more adversely affect the system than environmental allergies, though it really sucks to have both. Now I mostly keep my starch consumption in check and haven’t had another episode.

5. I use half and half. Not actually shocking, but I use it as milk. I pour it over my flax seed and berries in the morning and I mix it with chocolate powder to make chocolate milk. I know, I know, in an era when skim milk is suggested, I’m actually adding more unnecessary fat to my diet. I’d argue that the fat is necessary for the creamy taste that I prefer.

As far as tagging goes, I’ll tag any of the readers who’d like to respond. Put a link in the comments and I’ll check out your five things.

Thank you Tea!

What can I get you?

What alcoholic drink are you? I’m apparently a martini drinker who doesn’t like a flavored martini, even though I’ve professed my love of cosmopolitans, kamikazes, and french martinis here before…

Still, a fun little quiz.

You Are A Martini

You are the kind of drinker who appreciates a nice hard drink.
And for you, only quality alcohol. You don’t waste your time on the cheap stuff.
Obviously, you’re usually found with a martini in your hand. But sometimes you mix it up with a gin and tonic.
And you’d never, ever consider one of those flavored martinis. They’re hardly a drink!

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

Food Meme

food.jpgDid we already do this one? I don’t think I did. And I saw it over on FeedYourLoves and felt like doing it. Here goes!

1. If you were stuck on an island and could only eat one cuisine (e.g., French, Italian, etc.) for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

That is a very difficult question, but I guess ultimately I would say Japanese.

2. What is the most unusual food you’ve eaten?

When I was in Mexico, I took a teeny tiny bite of fried grasshoppers.

3. What is the most unusual food you’ve eaten and liked?

When I was little, everyone thought I was totally freaky for liking eel (unagi). But now everyone likes it.

4. What foods will you avoid eating (either because of a dietary choice or allergies or just plain don’t like)?

Bananas bananas bananas. (just don’t like) Brussel sprouts. Beets. Anything licorice or anise tasting, including FENNEL. Except the fennel that Christine tricked me into eating at Pearl.

5. Do you cook (and by that, I mean prepare a meal that you’d serve to friends)?

Yes. But something about making dinners 5-6 nights a week for a bunch of oppositionally picky people has taken the wind out of my cooking sails. Maybe one day I will really enjoy it again, when I can serve meals that Certain People don’t push around with their forks and say, “Do I HAVE to eat this?!”

6. If yes, what is your favorite dish to prepare to impress someone?

Hm. That is a good question. I know that my Thanksgiving feasts have been fairly impressive, just on a yummy comfort level. Sweet potato casserole with bourbon and pecans, green beans with lemon butter and pecans, chicken-apple sausage stuffing, pecan pie. LOTS of pecans.

7. When you go to a restaurant, what’s your ordering strategy/preference?

I have no idea what this question means. My general approach is one of mass confusion and indecision. I always try to order last, after everyone else. My father’s strategy, which I loved and admired, was that he would poll everyone at the table (even up to 20 people), instantly memorize it, and then recite the whole thing for the server.

8. Have you ever returned a dish or wine to the kitchen at a restaurant? Why?

No, I never have. I am the self-effacing, suck it up and don’t complain kind of diner. If it’s a cheap restaurant and it’s bad, I figure I get what I’m paying for (not much). If it’s an expensive restaurant, I figure I don’t know enough to realize that the food is what it’s supposed to be like, and if I don’t like it, too bad.
9. How many cookbooks do you own?

About 20. But I only use a small handful: Cover and Bake, and the original Moosewood. I also use quite a bit of Epicurious.

10. What is one food that you wouldn’t want to live without?

Cheese. And rice. (whoops)

Now I tag all the Muffin Top contributors, and all of our readers.