Creator, Editor
Christine loves food and writing about all her food obsessions. Luckily, Muffin Top benefits from all her obsessions.
Website: 80,000 Words
Contact: christine DOT zilka AT gmail DOT com

Website: Mysticonnie
Contact: mysticonnie AT yahoo DOT com

Susan Ito is a writer, mom, teacher, and adoptive-family-camp coordinator. She does not generally have a lot of time for fancy cooking, so her specialty is fast and easy meals that all five members of her family are willing to eat.
Website: ReadingWritingLiving
Contact: susan AT susanito DOT com

Eric put his money where his mouth is this past year and started his chef training part-time in addition to working with some fascinating food and beverage trade clients at his day job. He has a passion for food, travel, cookbook collecting and entertaining – in that order. He lives in Toronto with his partner and a lovely little kitchen.
Contact: eplutz AT hotmail DOT com

Mel loves to eat. She surrounds herself with cooks and foodies, frequently offering herself up as an eager guinea pig for new recipes, old recipes, homemade wine, and the like.
Website: The Mel Mystique

Mai wants to eat like an omnivore, but lives with the reality that she has a lot of food allergies. Her spare time is spent trying to figure out how to reconcile these two realities.
Contact: magpie AT gmail DOT com

Likes food.

7 responses to “Contributors

  1. Ruth has joined Muffin Top! I am so excited.Welcome, Ruth!

  2. Pingback: welcome to the fold « Muffin Top

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the pumpkin muffin recipe from Gourmet Mag. Man, I’ve been searching all over the web for a decent recipe, one that isn’t followed by reviews of sunken mushy muffins. I added just a tinge of orange zest for fun, and it added wonderful fragrance and freshness!

    Thanks again! I’m definitely a new fan of your blog website!

  4. Priya: thank you for stopping by! I’m really glad you enjoyed the pumpkin muffins–and the orange zest sounds terrific.

  5. I am so proud of Eric for doing this. He’s a real inspiration and I hope that when I can figure out what I want to do when I grow up , I’ll have the guts that Eric has!

  6. Hi-I stumbled upon your site while searching for recipes for mini muffins for my daughter and decided to stay awhile! Thank you for sharing.

  7. David McDonnell

    May I use one of your photographs for a book? It’s the photo of a potato plant. Please e-mail me and I can provide you with the details.

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