Homemade Tortilla Chips

corn tortillas

Crunch. You’ve sat there dipping your store bought chips into salsa, guacamole, even bean dip. These things are salty! Do these taste a little stale? Processed, even? How come these chips don’t taste, or even look like the ones you get when you sit down in Mexican restaurants? How do they make those?

It’s easier than you think… Bake or fry, you can make your own tortilla chips at home. I promise that not only will it be cheaper than buying bags from the stores, but it is also healthier, and even fun.

Corn tortillas are useful for so many things. Enchiladas, soft tacos, even well… chips! Each brand of tortillas carries it’s own set of flavor. When making your chips, be sure to choose the brand you like. I like Guerrero.

To fry: Slice the tortillas into pie-like slices. About three corn tortillas will make one serving of chips. Heat oil (vegetable or canola) in a pan (or wok) to about 360* F (180* C). Layer cut tortilla into oil, making sure to keep each piece separate. Fry until crisp and lightly browned. Remember, that chips will cook slightly even after removing from hot oil.

cooked chips, layed out to drain

Add salt (and other seasoning) if desired. This is the best part, as you have absolute control over the salt content of your chips. Repeat procedure with your remaining tortilla pieces.

In Mexican restaurants, chips are served best when warm. This is achieved either by serving them to guests right after they’ve been fried (or baked), or by keeping them under a heat lamp. I prefer to serve my homemade chips right after they’ve been fried.

To bake: Lightly brush whole tortillas with vegetable (or canola) oil. Cut into pie-like pieces, and spread into single layer on greased baking sheet. Add salt as desired. Bake at 400* F (205* C) for 10-12 minutes, making sure to turn chips halfway through the baking time. Keep an eye on them, as ovens cook differently. They should be crisp and light-golden brown. Transfer to paper towels to cool.

Usually the chips disappear as fast as the homemade guacamole, or salsa. But if you do have leftovers, be sure to keep them in an airtight container. After all, the reason you made these it to avoid that store bought stale taste, right?

chips, ready to store

After this, you’ll make sure you always have corn tortillas in your kitchen. Can you do this with flour tortillas? Sure, why not (cooking times will be faster). But why?

16 responses to “Homemade Tortilla Chips

  1. Patrick: I am *so* trying this out! Mrmmm…with fresh homemade guacamole!

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  3. Viva tortillas! That was a great post for those of us who want easy mexican recipes to follow.

  4. Yay — we frequently make quick chips by brushing wedges of tortillas with oil and baking them off. I really like doing it with flour tortillas, too — they get flaky as pie crust.

  5. I tried baking but they taste like crackers. There is a problem there and they dont look anything like the ones at the resaurant, any suggestions?

  6. Hi Jason,
    I would adjust the cooking time (less). Ovens cook differently, so when you first begin it kind of is trial and error. Lessen the cooking time per side, and keep an eye on them.

    Also, not sure which brand of tortillas you’re using, but some brands cook better than others.

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  9. I made these using homemade corn tortillas and they were delicious! For homemade corn tortillas, mix 1.5 cups water, .5 cup cornmeal, 1 cup flour, .5 tsp salt, and 1 egg. Cook .25 cup of batter on a skillet, 2 minutes on each side. mmm yummy!

  10. This sounds great! I’m going to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing it. My husband made some salsa that I’m sure would taste great with the tortilla chips. YUM!

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  12. burgeoningfoodie

    Does anyone recommend one oil over another? I have olive oil and vegetable oil.

  13. burgeoningfoodie: I would go with either vegetable or corn oil.

  14. burgeoningfoodie

    Heard Canola works well and is healthy too. Thanks for the tip. I would be baking them by the way.

  15. you don’t want to fry with olive oil. olive oil has a lower burning temp than vegetable/corn/canola oil and is not a good choice for deep frying. (it is great for garnishing, for sauteeing, and other purposes).

  16. burgeoningfoodie

    Wasn’t frying was oven baking.

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